The Battle of VAR 2

The Empire is attempting to put down an attempted insurrection on the planet of VAR 2.  The Rebels have popular support and great numbers, but the Imperial garrison has more advanced weapons.

The Battle of VAR 2

The planet of VAR 2 was a prosperous mining planet on the edge of the VAR system. It has suffered greatly because of imperial rule, and the inhabitants had been driven to open rebellion. 30,000 soldiers gathered at the village of Xila, and two weeks later 400,000 more troops arrived. The army, although 430,000 strong, was poorly equipped, with vintage weapons and scavenged weapons. Most of the soldiers were untrained miners and imperial slaves, with a core of Mandalorians, sent by the rebel alliance. The imperial garrison, a detachment of the 13th legion and support troops, 200,000 strong, gathered and marched to the causeway between the two continents. they crossed, estabilishing themselves in the town at the opposite end. The rebels marched on the town, camping across the plain. For two months preliminary skirmishes raged as the main army gathered. General Idmarous, helping bring in supplies, was killed. This was a major blow to the rebels, as he had been  skilled and popular and many deserted on hearing the rash Suhonius had assumed command. He ordered an immediate attack, although he only had 300,000 soldiers. The empire had 150,000 soldiers. They had better equipment and organisation. The Battle of VAR 2 had begun...

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Matthew Barker

Matthew Barker

I live in Ickenham and I am 12 years old. I am home educated. I am currently doing my Bronze Arts Award in Disney and Filmmaking.

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    On 13 February 2023, 12:39 Carol Leach commented:

    this is absolutely brilliant Matthew, well done!

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