Juna N Joey depicts the thrill of teenage romance on new single 'More Than A Maybe'

Pop-country duo Juna N Joey is back with a new high school romance inspired single. 

Juna N Joey depicts the thrill of teenage romance on new single 'More Than A Maybe'

Aligned with their upcoming UK school tour, pop-country duo Juna N Joey premieres a new single, 'More Than A Maybe.' This upbeat offering will make you reminisce about your high school romance. 

Siblings Juna and Joey, originally from Florida, now reside in Nashville, where they contribute to the rebranding of the classic country sound. Ever since their online musical voyage back in 2017, Juna N Joey brought their original Youtube audience closer to the genre of heartbreak and old America. 

For their first summer release, Juna N Joey decided to soundtrack a feeling that is familiar to all of us. The daunting high school atmosphere filled with pressure, puberty, and growing up made for a challenging journey for everyone. Navigating through unknown feelings, such as having a new crush, may feel unsettling and exhilarating at the same time.

'More Than A Maybe' depicts the anxieties and butterflies that come hand in hand with asking someone out. It acts as the perfect summer romance hit, staying true to country roots fused with more of a country-rock sound. As a personal Juna N Joey touch, they add a sprinkle of color with a modern chorus. 

Joey shares his personal take on the meaning behind 'More Than A Maybe': "As a guy, it takes courage to ask a girl out on a date and facing a potential rejection. On the other hand, you have to just do it and ask them out, and you are hoping for anything but a hard no even if it is 'More Than A Maybe.' My favourite line to sing is: There's a little movie playing in my head, and the other line is: It's gonna be a night that we will never forget.”

‘More Than A Maybe’ is out now. 

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