New Music Friday: Joe Hicks, Body Water, Club Paradise and more…

5 brand new tracks to check out right now on Voice’s New Music Friday playlist

New Music Friday: Joe Hicks, Body Water, Club Paradise and more…

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South London artist Skylu is premiering her new single ‘RED’ today in collaboration with LYONHEART. With an incredibly modern soundscape that includes pop beats intertwined with indie rock guitar hooks, ‘RED’ is the ultimate accompaniment to sunny spring weather. The new video to the single has a rather stripped back 90’s rave aesthetic with twirling camera movements and sequences of flashing lights, but still manages to pay homage to the sombre side of the lyrics to capture emotion and pain. Talking about the process, Skylu said: "Possibly the most complete song I’ve ever been a part of. We filmed the video in a warehouse with a brilliant young director Louis Lincoln, washing the place in red light."

Joe Hicks - Mirror Mirror

Fresh, vibrant and full of excitement, ‘Mirror Mirror’ by Joe Hicks fuses upbeat melodies with heartfelt lyrics to create a stunning, polished pop anthem that lends itself to summer road trips and festivals everywhere. Joe decided to push himself on the track, noting that he would usually stick firmly to one genre but decided to see what would come of a rockier guitar line adding, “Once I started singing over it, I didn’t stop until I had the whole thing mapped out melodically, and I’m so glad I did as it’s one of my favourite songs on the album.” ‘Mirror Mirror’ is suited to fans of artists such as: Vista’s, Red Rum Club or Sea Girls however the blending of the song melodically means there's something for everyone on this energetic anthem.

AJ Wander - When You Say I Love You

Laced with emotion and soul, AJ Wander’s new single ‘When You Say I Love You’ deals with the idea of someone falling in love too fast and being unable to be on a level playing field when it comes to emotional connection. Lyrically the track is brimming with truthfulness and vulnerability as AJ is able to bare his soul over steady pop beats and acoustic melodies. Speaking on the track AJ explained, “ it's about someone falling for you too fast and that desire to go along with it just because you don’t want them to experience rejection. Eventually you arrive at a realisation that pretending to be in love is not healthy, so you choose to be honest, but telling them that you need to slow things down is an emotional minefield”. ‘When You Say I Love You’ is a faultless masterclass in meaningful pop akin to the likes of James Arthur or Tom Grennan, AJ Wander is certainly one to watch. 

Body Water - Throw It All In The Fire

Sincere with a hefty side order of rock and roll, ‘Throw It All In The Fire” manages to strike the optimal balance between earnestness and confidence. Starting off with a minimal and soft melody the track builds into a euphoric pop rock ballad, with infectious sing-along lyrical content that explores the mind of a serial stalker (yep you read that correctly!). Body Water are obsessed with conspiracy theories and haunting true crime docs, pulling their infatuation with the dark and twisted into their love of music. The duo explain how “the new track narrates our depiction of the wild thought process of a deranged stalker, who has an unhealthy obsession with this young girl named Suzi whose character we built the song around. We really wanted to try and delve into this obsessive psychopath’s mind”.

Club Paradise - Colette

Anthemic, punchy and rammed with some serious guitar skills, Newcastle quartet Club Paradise’s new single ‘Colette’ is sure to have you moving in no time. Unapologetically exhilarating, hefty guitar hooks grace the song adding pressure in the buildup going on to produce a huge unforgettable chorus featuring passionate vocals, recalling a familiar story of complicated love. Frontman for the band Ryan Young explains “it's a punch straight to the gut and filled with exhaustion, couple that with the chorus, an eruption of emotion that

I find the most satisfying… it feels so cathartic live when we're all shouting together amongst this wall of sound”. If you're a fan of The Amazons this ones definitely up your street! 

Header Image Credit: "Joe Hicks" by garrettc is marked with CC BY-NC 2.0.


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