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As the conflict in Ukraine continues to have a devastating impact on civilian life, Creatives for Ukraine aims to portray these truths through promoting artists.

Creatives for Ukraine aims to disseminate digital art and illustrations across the globe to show solidarity with Ukraine people. They are aware most images being shown on social media are difficult to access for the media or any organisations. This online platform ensures people are able to access these powerful images, in high quality to convey the true impact of what is going on. It will not have commercial use, but credit has to be given to creatives if you wish to share their work on another platform or outlet. 

The project was launched by volunteer creatives from Lithuania, to help visualise the events happening currently. Since its inception over 100 works have been submitted daily. It involves artists that have worked for The New Yorker, The Independent and The New York Times, such as Karolis Strautniekas. He has stated, “They say it's better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times. What about seeing something a thousand times? Maybe that would reinforce even bigger support of the world.”

The site re-enforces this message. They believe giving people something visual helps them understand the gravity of the situation better, making these images a powerful weapon. Creatives for Ukraine also offers something different than the daily news cycle. It is easy for misinformation and fake news to circulate during this conflict, and this organisation offers a meaningful alternative that documents individual experiences visually. 

If you wish to contribute artwork to this site, it is easy and clear to do so. Alternatively, if you want to see what people have created, you are instantly shown artists’ images on their homepage, in various intriguing mediums. There is also an option to donate. To see everything the organisation does, click on the link below.

Header Image Credit: Eglė Plytnikaitė - I stand with Ukraine


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