New Music Friday: George Ezra, Dave, Belot and more…

Our top new releases of the week for you to wrap your ears around

New Music Friday: George Ezra, Dave, Belot and more…

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Dave - Starlight

This time last week I would not possibly have imagined that I would be vibing to ‘Fly Me To The Moon’. 

Yet, I find myself doing exactly that as the timeless song is masterfully sampled for Dave’s ‘Starlight’. Dave flips the classic into the instrumental for his latest offering as he continues riding the momentum of ‘We’re All Alone In This Together’ and his performance at the BRIT Awards (2022)

Dave floats over the instrumental to produce a track that truly has something for everyone. ‘Starlight’ is one of the rare songs you wouldn’t mind your girlfriend putting on in the car. Santan somehow made the track mellow, infectious, and pleasing for every possible listener, attesting to his versatility and demonstrates why he is currently one of the best talents within the UK.

‘Starlight’ (both the track and music video) is well worth taking in.

Joshua Idehen ft LOOR - Kill The Bill (My Spirit Is Not For Kettling)

Taking an axe to the government in the form of music, Kill The Bill defines contempt for the British government, dismantling right-wing policies set by the likes of Priti Patel. Kill The Bill itself refers to the UK movement sparked by the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill which sought to make protesting against the government illegal, which many believe was removing the right to free speech. This track combines dance music with elements of punk by utilising the spoken word, including a sonic background of deep bass paired with techno sounds. It has an apprehensive build up whilst the lyrics add a social justice element. If you're a fan of artists such as Yard Act, this impactful and crucial new song is something you'll want to get on board with.

Belot - Math

Funky, fresh, and floral, this pop anthem is derived from ”the struggle of not wanting a serious relationship in your youth. You are entangled with this person and you care about them, but you just can't find it in you, to settle down quite yet” according to Belot. Melodically it paints vibrant colours over the track using addictive hooks and seductively smooth vocals that push the story into another dimension. If Dua Lipa and Anne Marie had a love child I'm almost certain this is how it would sound, playing on easy listening and easy to remember lyricism, Math is a refreshing blast of attitude for any pop fan.

George Ezra - Anyone For You (Tiger Lily) - Acoustic version

If you're holding out for summer, Pimms O’clock, or a warm evening on the beach, George Ezra has returned with his vibrant brand of pop n roll in the form of ‘Anyone For You (Tiger Lily) - Acoustic’, a stripped-back, softer version of his new single. The acoustic version has such a sole emphasis on Ezra’s warming vocal allowing the new version to provide a safe and protecting environment through your earphones due to the softness and sense of still that comes with George’s vocal performance on a track such as this, accompanied by glistening guitar – ideal for de-stressing after work or as a melodic element to dreaming of summer. 

Feverjaw - Midsommar

American Pop punk meets assertive rock, Cardiff based four piece Feverjaw release their sharp and snappy new single. ‘Midsommar’ is a comfortable punch in the gut for any fans of electric guitar solos and drum hooks, lyrically the song is incredibly bare, with the chorus being the only main focus. However, in this case it adds to the brilliance of musicianship and doesn't overcomplicate the song as a whole. The vocals provided by guest artist Ben Fox Smith are on the edge of punk with a rock undertone adding to this three minute exploration into fast digesting rock.

Faith Martin and Dheeraj Chutani contributed to this article

Header Image Credit: "George Ezra, Royal Albert Hall, London" by Drew de F Fawkes is marked with CC BY 2.0.


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