Profits over protection: Why you should care about the animal welfare policies delay

The government has yet again paused new legislation that would protect animals from harm. Why has it been delayed again? How would it help pets and livestock? And what can you do to help?

Profits over protection: Why you should care about the animal welfare policies delay

Love animals? Want to keep them safe? That was the position of Boris Johnson’s party until it started to upset his farmer friends

As much as the general public does by buying free-range eggs or only purchasing pets from reputable breeders, the real power to change the lives of animals comes from the government. And right now, policies protecting the welfare of these creatures is on hold. 

The bill, first supposed to be published back in July 2021, has been pushed further and further back. From stricter sentences for puppy thieves to a ban on live exports of livestock, the legislation has been paused thanks to a campaign led by the government’s chief whip, Mark Spencer.

Spencer, who also happens to be a farmer, is said to be is less than happy about the policies that would protect the lives of countless animals, as many in the farming sector think it could make their lives more difficult and cause welfare standards to be raised on farms. Thus affecting profitability.

I am unsure if Boris’s wife would be happy about this most recent delay. Carrie has been vocal in her fight against trophy hunting and the fur trade and was awarded Peta’s UK 2020 person of the year. Sadly, it seems that amid much covid controversy, Boris Johnson is choosing party loyalty rather than protect the lives of innocent animals up and down the country. 

Despite the Conservatives updating the Animal Welfare (Sentience) Bill and adding crabs, octopus and lobsters, this still isn’t enough. As the owner of a dog born in the puppy farming trade, I believe stricter rules of selling pets must be introduced. I think only people with a license should be allowed sell puppies and kittens and those without should receive fines. 

After seeing the despicable breeders, who sold me my pup, were featured on the BBC’s Watchdog I knew that the problem was becoming more prevalent but thankfully being talked about more. But it isn’t just pets that need special protections to guarantee their safety, livestock and wildlife should also be treated with the same love and care as given to our furry friends who live in our homes. 

The policies also include clamping down on trophy hunting and preventing people from buying harmful animal experiences. Boris needs to put the needs and wellbeing of countless pets and livestock first over pleasing Mark Spencer. 

If you would like to join the fight against the ill-treatment of animals, why not sign this petition to ban research and testing on dogs in the UK?

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