New Music Friday: Lime Garden, Pet Needs, Sparkling and more

It's been another week of great new music releases, and we are back again to showcase a few of our favourite picks. Check them out and give us your opinion!

New Music Friday: Lime Garden, Pet Needs, Sparkling and more

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Lime Garden - Marbles

An exciting upcoming coming out of Brighton’s indie scene, Lime Garden have just released a new single in the form of ‘Marbles’, an bouncy indie track that shows off the group’s adept songwriting potential. The track approaches initially as somewhat melancholic, with detuned, warping guitar drenched in reverb filling the backdrop whilst low-key vocals stand humbly in the foreground. But between the more reserved verses lie explosive choruses, an energetic and bouncy rhythm section and plenty of catchy hooks. The production and composition of the track is wonderful, balancing the subtle with the high octane, and simultaneously managing to build an aura of edge and existentialism through a bright, pop-like instrumental. Lime Garden are certainly ones to watch this year, with each new single edging them closer to a success that they truly deserve.

Black Country, New Road - Snow Globes

No doubt one of the longest songs featured this week, sitting at around nine minutes in length, Black Country, New Road’s latest single that teases their next record, Ants from Up There, is a slow burn but an enthralling, almost cinematic listen. ‘Snow Globes’ tears up standard song structure, using guitar and bass as the constant foundation of the track, whilst allowing the saxophone, violin and notably drums to build an abrasive yet meaningful intensity. The layers of the track do take a while to take hold, each instrument inching closer and closer throughout the span of the song before flexing their individual technical skills by the song's conclusion. It is almost hypnotising to begin with, showcasing shimmering cymbals, reserved spoken vocals and soaring violin, but eventually ramps up as the shimmering turns to a frantic, jazzy pummeling of drum skins. BCNR creates a unique atmosphere with their music, and their experimentality is truly intriguing, purposeful and impressive to hear.

PUP - Robot Writing a Love Song

PUP are about to release their newest record, THE UNRAVELING OF PUPTHEBAND, and have dropped their newest single, titled ‘Robot Writing a Love Song’. The track is a fun one, but with darker lyrical content that juxtaposes the lively punk instrumentation. The song is punchy throughout, blistering through sections quickly and with gumption. Distorted riffs, thrilling drums and comedic lyricism from frontman Stefan Babcock come thick and fast. Production on the song is crisp, as to be expected by Grammy award-winning producer Peter Katis, highlighting the band's technicality through the barrage of fuzz. The group also play with newer elements, utilising whimsical synths, horns and piano to bolster its instrumentation, filling the sonic landscape to the brim. This makes the half-time choruses even more hefty when they do come in. The song is interestingly left-field whilst sticking to the band's punk roots, and is a welcome evolution.

PET NEEDS - Punk Isn’t Dead (It's Just up for Sale)

An honest rock tune filled with sharp guitar riffs, Punk Isn’t Dead (It's Just up for Sale) tells a story of a train station in Colchester and how lead singer Johnny Marriot was caught between his everyday job and fronting a rock band. As powerful as it is confident this song is a nod to all of the dreamers, the ones who are striving for more and all the teenagers discovering guitars for the first time. Filled with unapologetic solos  and pushed by an anthemic chorus, sonically the song serves a dual purpose, if you're feeling sad it will lift you off the ground but if you wanna jump in a mosh pit in the middle of a field with your best mates as the sun beats down, this track is definitely one you need in your repertoire. PET NEEDS are the rising stars of classic rock.

Eades - Delusion Spree

Dig out your Doc Martens! Named after their upcoming debut album, Delusion Spree showcases Eades talent for ultra stylish soft rock. Hailing from Leeds, this five piece are set to become stars of the indie rock scene, already making a name for themselves in their short time on the circuit. Quietly persistent with a chorus that enforces you to dance Delusion Spree is the perfect anthem for oncoming spring days. Sonically the song builds using electric guitars, propelling itself into an infectious groove whilst Harry Jordan’s commanding but gentle undertone creates a vocal to be proud of. Penned around themes of privacy and the confusion of learning to live in your early twenties, Delusion Spree is the antidote to the uncertainty of our times. Eades take a bow.

Sparkling - Not The Right Place

Talking Heads meets Groove Armada, German techno trio SPARKLING use electrifying synths and classic bass lines that take us to the underground clubs of France, whilst drawing on other influences from around Europe, celebrating the continent's love and affiliation with techno, dance and punk. Not The Right Place is a visceral shot to the heart that awakens our human need for connection and movement. The track paints imagery of neon lights and sticky floors without feeling out of place on a headline set at Glastonbury. Vocally, Levin Krasel’s spoken punk-esque tone elevates the song to new heights allowing the listener to enter into a journey unlike ever before, getting lost in a trance like state and taken to another world in 3:32 seconds of pure freedom.

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Header Image Credit: "Black Country, New Road" by p_a_h is licensed under CC BY 2.0


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