Voice Winter Film Festival: Where We Are

Our third film at the Voice Winter Festival is 'Where We Are' by Andrietta Bambi. Where We Are will be available to watch from Jan 17 - Jan 23. 

Voice Winter Film Festival: Where We Are

Where We Are by Andrietta Bambi 


Where we are is a short film that explores the themes: Social justice, Activism and LGBTQ+ Shot as a documentary-style film, it follows five individuals who share stories, spoken word, music and dialogise based on the injustices faced by different communities, the effects of these injustices and how they overcome them. The film aims to create a space within the viewers' minds and allow them to understand the inner experience of marginalised groups while offering an intimate and stylised view reflecting truths that are often seen as taboo at times.

About Andrietta Bambi

My Name is Andrietta Simbi, and I’m 22 years old. I grew up in Zimbabwe and came to the UK with my father and sisters in 2007. Coming to this country was a dream my mother had for us to have an opportunity to grow up free with many possibilities around us. Fast forward to now, I attended University at Demondbfc4ae4d7391740830ed5138bbb1e659b94c759.jpgtfort University studying drama and am grateful to have had the life I do with the opportunity to explore my passions.

My background in filming started when I was young; that’s when I had my first spark, you could say. Watching Pirates of the Caribbean and being so engulfed into a world with characters, places and moments that felt so real they made my childhood. I feel stories are the backbone to us as people, and film allows us to share them in inspiring exciting and beautiful ways. So far, I have created three films and continue experimenting and finding ways to share with those around me and the world. 

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Header Image Credit: Andrietta Bambi


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