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Cat Sercombe2020 marks the 15th year since Arts Award launched! Where are you now? Where has Arts Award taken you? You may be busy with further study, working hard in that dream job or starting your own arts project. We hope that despite the current difficulties faced for many young people finding and staying in the career of their choice, you're able to find and access the support and advice you need to keep going.

Through the Arts Award alumni newsletter we bring you news from the arts industries, updates from other alumni, the latests goings-ons at Arts Award and some useful advice and resources to continue with your career. 

Good luck on the next steps of your journey! 

Cat Sercombe, Head of Arts Award

What happened next?

You’ll find Arts Award achievers in a huge variety of career paths, both in and beyond the arts. This year we’re highlighting some interesting roles in the creative industries that Arts Award achievers have ventured in to, from freelance journalists to folk musicians. Tell us about your latest projects so we can celebrate your success - just update your Voice Profile!

Ben James Fay Beesley
Grace Smith Gigi Downey

Where are you working now? 

Each year we track down Arts Award alumni to find out what they're up to. Check out our word cloud for this year's top results.

While many alumni end up in arts jobs, the skills you gain - like creative thinking, leadership and communication - are also valuable for people who become doctors, engineers, teachers, accountants and many other professions.

If you can't see your own job role, just update your Voice profile to share your career path!

Did your Arts Award 10/15 years ago? We want to hear from you! Get in touch to help us celebrate 15 years of Arts Award.  

Get help with your career

Creative Careers on Voice is the place to find interviews, opportunities and features about the world of work PLUS advice on how to kickstart your own development in the creative industries. Check out some of the highlight below or visit the Creative Careers section for our most recent updates.

HOW TO GUIDES: From writing your first review to getting your film into a festival, we give you top industry advice from some of the top industry professionals. Here's a few how to guides to get you started: 

ARTIST INTERVIEWS: From professional artists to behind the scenes at arts organisations, we get the lowdown on what it's like to be a working, professional artist. Here's a few of our favourites we wanted to share with with you: 

BEHIND THE SCENES: Insights and interviews into what happens behind the scenes at some of the leading arts industry organisations. 

INDUSTRY NEWS: The latest industry updates, news and opportunities including a podcast series that explores all things creative careers.

Arts Award celebrates 15 years

Can you believe Arts Award has been helping young people achieve their artistic desires for 15 years?!

The number of awards that have been achieved since launch to the end of March 2020 is an impressive 521,455! 

To help Arts Award celebrate this milestone we're looking for stories from those who completed their Arts Award around 10 to 15 years ago. Perhaps you're an Arts Award adviser now? We’d love to know what you’re up to, where you’ve been and how your artistic practice is going! Get in touch and tell us all about it

Fancy making some art? We'll be launching a competition in September to celebrate Arts Award 15! Get your paints, cameras, voices or dancing feet ready as we'll be asking you to make something spectacular in response to your love for art! Watch this space for updates. 


What do you say? Your Arts Award experience

Thank you for telling us what you’ve found most useful in your Arts Award experiences! It’s fantastic to hear how valuable Arts Award has been in growing your skills and confidence. Here’s just a small taster of what you said:

"It opened my eyes to the endless possibilities in the creative sector."

"Completing the Discover Arts Award helped me to become more knowledgable about the different roles and jobs which are involved in creating a theatre production and also helped me to gain more confidence when performing in front of an audience."

"It helped me learn new skills, how to work through and/around problems, and with flexibility and time management."

"Meeting an artist and a curator gave me a whole new perspective to what I could become when I am older."

"What did I find most valuable about Arts Award? Creating and having opportunities to work with other people and artists, gaining access to relevant places as well as building experience."

"It has given me a much more in depth understanding of what it is like to be an artist."

We'd love to know more! Please share your reflections by updating your Voice Profile. Your feedback helps the Arts Award team improve and develop the programme for the many thousands of young people that will come next.

What's on offer for Alumni?

We offer useful benefits and support for young people who’ve done an Arts Award. Sign up for a wide range of discounts from Benefits Cloud or take advantage of these offers at the Arts Award Voice Community hub

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15% off Arts Award Adviser training

Book on the Arts Award website and fill in this form to get your discount.

Thank you to everyone who’s been involved in shaping this offer! Anything else you'd like to see? Let us know at [email protected]!