Unit 1 in detail - Research and review

Unit 1 is about personal arts development

Part C: research and review

  • Find out about more advanced arts practitioners in your arts practice.
  • Experience their work and explore their career paths and the organisations that support them.
  • Review as many arts events, exhibitions, performances or organisations as you can. These can range from venue-based performances to street art to live-streaming online.

Check out Tom's reviews and interviews or browse reviews and interviews by young people on Voice


  • How did they get to where they are today?
  • How do they sustain their work? How is it financed?
  • How do they continue to develop their skills?
  • What influence might their work or experience have on you and your work?


  • Show your research into arts practitioners/professionals
  • Include reviews of events, exhibitions or organisations you've experienced
  • Reflect on how your research might influence you and your arts practice


Any resources and tools to help you with this part of your Arts Award...

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