Get Started

Want to get going on your Gold Arts Award? Great!

Here's how you do it…

  • You need to work with an Arts Award centre and a Gold Arts Award Adviser, who will support you and assess your work.
  • This could be the adviser you did Bronze or Silver with. Or you may need to look for new adviser.
  • Best place to look is the Arts Award Centre Map
  • No luck? Try talking to your regional Bridge organisation in England or Arts Award Training Agency in Scotland and Wales. They may be able to link you up with a Gold adviser – find there here
  • Still having problems? Contact the Arts Award Helpdesk at Trinity College London.
  • Once you've hooked up with an adviser you're away, but you get to drive your Gold Award so do look through our Gold Unit pages to check out what other young people have done and to get handy tips from Voice.
  • Don't forget there are 1500 Arts Award Supporters across the UK offering help, events and opportunities. Keep an eye on Voice's Opportunities listing or find organisations near you on our Supporter Map
  • Need help? Contact us here on