How to apply zombie makeup

Linda Doyle talks you through transforming yourself into one of the undead on the cheap, with basic make up skills!

How to apply zombie makeup

Halloween. Parties. Trips up town. All of these boring events could be spruced up with a touch of the undead. If you are tired of being called a zombie by adults, simply because you become rather unresponsive in front of the TV or when on Facebook, get your own back by transforming yourself into a (not literal) flesh eating zombie on a budget, with this guide written by Linda Doyle.

1. Base: Dampen your sponge and apply white face paint all over your face. Since this base is for a zombie look, it doesn't matter if it's not perfect because zombies can have blotchy skin!

2. Scar: Get toilet tissue and separate it into 1 ply pieces. Then make a shape on your face with Liquid Latex (eye-lash glue will do either) that you want the scar to be. The tissue is now stuck to your face, so you push the tissue from the center of the wound outwards in all directions to make the edges of the scar.'

3. Go over the tissue with white face paint. Then dampen another sponge and use black face paint to darken around the eyes. You want to make the face look sunken and dead so by applying black face paint you push the area back. Use the corner/edge of the sponge or a paint brush to fill in crease lines and around the nose, in the hollow of your checks, etc.

4. Use a paint brush to fill in black paint along the edges inside your scar. This will make it look like a deep cut. Fill in the with some red face paint if you have it.

5. Blood: Then add fake blood to the cut, it can be gooey so best to hold it above the scar and let it flow down your face, you can try position it with the paint brush. Add more scars using the same technique if you want or just add blood to wherever you want.


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