De-ja-view: Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice and Captain America: Civil War

The two biggest superhero movies of this year have a lot more in common than fans would perhaps like to admit...

De-ja-view: Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice and Captain America: Civil War

This year promised some of the biggest titles in comic book history, Deadpool, X-men: Apocalypse, Suicide Squad, Civil War and Batman and Superman, not to mention less known characters like Doctor Strange. Out of the four that have already been released, two of them were fighting it out for the top spot.

Having seen both BvS and Civil War, I noticed there were some similarity, and subsequently realised they were the same movie. Don't believe me? Well here are 10 reasons why Batman v Superman and Captain America Civil War are the same.

Just a word of warning this article those contain some MILD SPOILERS so if you haven't seen either movies I'd recommend seeing them or maybe just Civil War (personal opinion).*

  1. Both movies are set after a disaster involving the heroes where the people can't decide whether to love them or hate them.
  2. The poster boys of the movies are both iconic heroes. There's the rich play boy, with no powers, who fights crimes using technology and robot suits and the guy who where's red white and blue and represents all things American.
  3. The main villain of the film kills a person with high authority because they wouldn't give them what they wanted.
  4. A bomb goes off in a political meeting killing world politician's and somebody gets blamed, in bvs superman gets blamed because nobody likes superman and in civil war Bucky gets blamed because they needed a plot device.
  5. There's a scene where the two main heroes are in their pedestrian clothes and are throwing shades at each other.
  6. There's a car chase where our heroes are chasing after someone and they get stopped by the flying guy made out of steel who has to lay down the law.
  7. There are other heroes involved in this movie who help in the fight, including cameos and Easter eggs from other heroes with upcoming solo movies.
  8. There's a scene after the fight titled after the movie where the two heroes call a truce and join forces as a trio to stop the main villain. There's the American mascot, the rich guy, and the one with the good hair.
  9. The villain causes the heroes to fights each other because of something to do with the rich boy's dead mother. the different is, in Civil War, Tony tries to kill Bucky because he killed his mother so Cap has to save Bucky, while in BvS, Batman doesn't kill Superman because their mothers have the same names.
  10. In the end the villain is captured and imprisoned and the two heroes part ways.

I prefer Civil War more because it's a better movie. Nothing is squeezed and crammed into a 2 hour long film, it actually has a structure that makes sense and links well with everything. I appreciate the effort made by Zack Snyder (director) for attempting to bring the I Am Legend easter egg to our screens four years after it was predicted in that movie. Nevertheless I didn't appreciate the way things were shoe horned in that movie.

On a lighter note, the best part in Civil War was the ending when Tony and Cap fight in the hydra hideout. The idea that Zemo planned to have their revenge consume them meant that Marvel was moving towards a better path of storytelling where we care about the consequences. I do believe that the movie had a big advantage because of the buildup it had from previous Marvel movies but should that be an excuse for DC fans to justify the poor quality of filmmaking in Batman v Superman? I don't think so...

Overall civil war definitely one of the best MCU movies and worth a watch; the best part of Batman v Superman was Wonder Woman. I'm not really excited for her movie, but she was more involved than both batman and superman in that fight against doomsday - she actually did more damage to Doomsday then Superman did!

*Editor's note: The Ultimate Edition of BvS is a lot less disappointing than the theatrical release - and there's a quote for your DVD cover, DC!

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