What’s it like to be a Voice reporter?

Being a voice reporter has been one of the best experiences of my year, so what does it involve?

What’s it like to be a Voice reporter?

Well, being a Reporter involves the following things:

Being engaging

You obviously don't need to physically write in order to be a Voice reporter - you can film vlogs, record podcasts, etc. What I mean is that however you create your content, you need to have a good range of vocabulary and know exactly what you're talking about - be passionate! Be interested! And if you're interested in your subject matter, your reader is more likely to be ;)

Being able to push yourself

You read that right - by being a Voice Reporter, you are able to take on new challenges, whether personal or professional, and by succeeding you grow as a person. For me, my challenges were writing about sensitives topics, travelling long distances, and meeting and talking to new people I'd never thought I'd meet. If I can push my boundaries, then so can you.

Visiting new places

This is the one of best parts! As you'll be reviewing shows or partaking in Voice sessions across the year, you'll have the opportunity to travel all over the country - from London to Birmingham, from Cambridgeshire to Coventry, and from Brighton to Edinburgh! Yes, I have been to all of these places, and yes, they have all been pretty impressive. What's even better is that you won't have to pay a penny towards your travel - it's all paid for already. Just make sure you have a railcard!

Reviews, reviews, more reviews, and reviews! (did I mention reviews?)

Yes, reviews. Reviews have been a crucial element for the success of Arts Award Voice for the past five years, with reviews for events and festivals ranging from Latitude Festival, Brighton Fringe, Sundance Film Festival, and the big one, Edinburgh Fringe. Whilst you get the opportunity to visit and review all of these shows (including the ones in your local area), it will be tough - the last Edinburgh Fringe involved reviewing around 150 shows between us, not to mention navigating our way around the place and not getting lost, whilst simultaneously trying to look after ourselves in the process. OK, it may sound scary, but you'll have a tonne of support and help if you ever needed it - honestly, we're nice people!

And finally…

Having fun!

There's no point in any of this if you don't get a thrill out of it. I know I did - the excitement of visiting new places and being a part of a writing team was what really boosted me as a Voice Reporter, and it's a real shame that it's all coming to an end pretty soon. However, nothing will please me more than seeing the next year of Voice Reporters achieving even greater heights than before, and a whole load of excellent writing to come - have you got what it takes?


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