Winter Film Festival: find ecstasy in life

Look back on 2020 and reflect not on the horrors of Covid-19, but the small wins, the moments of joy, and the unity humanity demonstated in the face of adversity.

Winter Film Festival: find ecstasy in life

2020 was when we lost track of time. It became more of a construct than it already is. In this short film, key events (the highlights) are brought into focus, allowing us to remember the year that the coronavirus came into our lives and made the human race its target.

About the film-maker

I'm Annie, I'm currently a sixth form student, with an offer to go to Manchester next year to study English Literature. From there we'll see where life takes me, hopefully I'll become an english teacher! Theatre is something I like to do for a bit of fun, a place where you can be weird and wonderful and completely accepted. I like to do art, usually commissions and more recently landscapes and spiritual/mindful based projects! Literature introduced me to poetry a few years ago and I loved the concept of it, so much can be revealed in just a few lines, yet I never considered writing my own until this year. I write at least one poem a week which has been beneficial in the same way journaling is, for me anyway, there's no pressure for it to be any good but it's like a purging of emotions and events from the week which is quite therapeutic in a way.

You can read our interview with Annie here


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