Top tip 6: My beautiful portfolio

This is where you show off your wonderful work so get it going it from the off. Document everything as you go – or you'll miss out best bits! Your portfolio may come in handy for college or job interviews, so make sure you're proud! Take a look at Tom's Gold portfolio or Dan's Gold Blog or Corina's Bronze work experience blog.

Top tip 6: My beautiful portfolio

This is your chance to show off all the great work you've done in whatever way suits you. Make sure you document everything as you go along or something important may end up being missed out!

Your portfolio is your chance to show all the work you've done for your Arts Award so make sure you include all thats needed. Along with the compulsory documents it's a good idea to add in all your rough notes and sketches. These show how much you've been working on pieces, your thoughts and how they've progressed.

Tips for things to include in your portfolio:

  • Initial thoughts, notes and ideas
  • Drawings and sketches
  • Lots of research
  • Emails/texts you've sent to people
  • Lots of your photos and other relevant images
  • CD/DVD's of things you've recorded
  • Tickets from shows, exhibitions and events for proof

It's great that there's no set structure in creating your portfolio and there're loads of possibilities about how you could make it; an online blog, short film, powerpoint, on a website, sketchbook, journal and lots more. Depending on what your art form, some may be more suitable than others.

Your portfolio may come in handy for college or job interviews so make sure that it looks presentable and that you're proud of it

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