Top tip 10: Use your Voice

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Top tip 10: Use your Voice

Due to the advancement of technology it's becoming easier and easier to get your work out there, getting it noticed on the other hand, is increasingly difficult. Here at Voice, we work especially hard to get our, (and your) work out there. This is part of the pros of Voice; it's an already established website, with a signinifcant number of viewers, combining a mix of our work and yours. You can write a blog, a review, post events and opportunities. However, if you're not so au fait with the written word, or are even interested in film, visual and aural communication, we have options for you too!

Vlogging is a simple and easy video-blog, (hence the blend), requiring very little technical skills. On the odd occasion I do mine, I try to do it in one take, to omit the editing side. Just upload your video to YouTube and embed the link into your Voice article. You can check out Agi K's 'How to Vlog video here.

Sound and Podcasting are other non-written means of media. Similarly, uploading your work to a platform such as Souncloud or Jelly Cast and then embedding the link onto Voice is quick, simple and easy. Our Deputy Editor Tom has done a 'How to' here.

If, like me, you're into visual arts, (as well as written communication in my case) then photographing your visual work, for example from a scrapbook, your Arts Award portfolio, or work in an exhibition has never been easier. Simply, upload the images to Voice. Be wary of the size limit though, if the file is too big, just reduce it and try again. Photography itself is of course a visual art form, as is film, and so much more, so have a play and experiment with what you can do with the website.

Writing is the primary form of content on our website, (please don't let that put you off other styles, we love to see you all getting creative!), so whether it's blogging about your Arts Award experiences, or reviewing a film or exhibition, then we'd love to read it. We've got another guide for reviewing here.

Remember, just because these are the forms listed, doesn't mean you can't add more!

Last of all, don't forget to add the page links from your content into your Arts Award portfolio if going through that route.

If you have any questions or want to know more, then comment below.

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Sally Trivett

Sally Trivett Voice Team

Sally Trivett is a UK based artist and educator. She has recently graduated from Wimbledon College of Art, and is currently studying for her PGCE in Primary Education.

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