Top tip 7: Call AAA

Your help-at-hand, mentor and fixer. Artist, teacher or youth worker. Use them – they want to help you make your Arts Award fly, and they'll have great experience to share.

Top tip 7: Call AAA

Your Arts Award Adviser is the person helping you through your Arts Award. Now you may be lucky and actually have more than one. You might even be luckier still and have a 'peer adviser' within your centre - another young person that has already been through the process of getting their award, and who is there to offer you even more guidance.

An adviser could be anyone from the centre you're working with. That could be a teacher, youth worker, workshop leader, workshop assistant and really any other role. Your adviser should always be your first point of call for guidance on completing your award and they will be the person signing off your portfolio to kick off the process of claiming your certificate!

Whilst there are many guises of an adviser, what you can expect from them should include:

  1. Able to answer your questions about how to layout evidence for your units
  2. Agreeing with you any action plans and personal challenges that you set
  3. Overseeing your project plan for Unit 2 (if appropriate) including checking your health & safety risk assessment
  4. Signposting you to relevant and useful resources online or locally that can help you with completing your portfolio
  5. Moral support and encouragement to complete!

Whether you engage with your adviser remotely (online), every week during sessions, during lunch time at school or at a monthly drop-in session at your local arts centre; remember they are the key support you have. Respect their advice, seek their guidance and make them proud to count you as a student!

Finished your awards? You might want to become an Adviser too! Here's Hannah talking about how she moved from doing Arts Award to being an adviser


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