Creativity vs Education: What have we learnt this month, class?

This month we have discussed the current state of creative education in the UK and it has proved itself to be rather lacking. From interviews with leading demonstrators to creative utopias, here is the best from September.

Creativity vs Education: What have we learnt this month, class?

So, what have we learnt?

1. Nobody likes the English Baccalaureate (EBacc)

EBacc sounds like it could be the name for a new kind of vape stick. Mock this we must, as it is worthy of mockery. A new qualification that offers no arts subjects, the English Baccalaureate has been the topic of much debate in nearly every education conference we have been to this year. All in all, the EBacc looks as though it could encourage school children away from the arts, and let's face it that is probably what it was designed to do. Read all about it here.

2. If you're going to demonstrate, get creative

We're big fans of Susan M Coles here at Voice. When she wanted to point out the problems with creative education in the UK, she decided to get a certain Education Secretary's attention by sending him a 'rainbow' of letters, from all over the country in a variety of bright colours. 'Rainbow for Mr Gove' was just one of her campaigns - we went backstage with her and discussed a whole load more here.

3. Homeschooling (can) allow for some brilliant creativity

We caught up with Agi K - she of the multi-award winning films and multiple Arts Awards - to hear all about homeschooling. Agi was kind enough to make us a vlog on the subject, where she discussed the highlights of being taught from home, explained exactly what homeschooling is and shared some of her creative work.

4. Structured learning isn't always the best for creativity

Our Deputy Editor, Tom Inniss discussed his problems with creative education, often losing interest due to regimented routines and conscripted approaches. 'I hate being told what to do, how to learn something, what to learn and the best way to play it.' Feel his pain? Read the full blog here.

5. Creativity can help your career (even if you don't go for a 'creative' career)

Do employers want robots, or free-thinkers? We like to think it's the second. We called on some expert advice in the form of our top Ted talks to give you the lowdown. We also shared our thoughts on academic creativity. If you're interested in both sides of education you don't need to make the choice, you should aim for a career that sets you somewhere in between.

We're ending the month in a rather positive place, as Bath Children's Literature Festival is in full swing. The festival has seen a fantastic level of support so far, Judith Kerr's opening event was very well received and there has been a good amount of variation in the programme. You can see all of the team interviews and reviews here.


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