Art took a trip this August…

You may be back from your holidays, but the party doesn't have to end!

Art took a trip this August…

What a month it has been for us here at Voice! A new website, the biggest arts festival in the world, and lots of great content on this months theme - Art takes a trip. We hope you all had fantastic summers - we'd upload our holiday pictures but nobody wants to see that! However, we do have plenty you will want to see and here are the 6 big things you may have missed this month!

  1. Our new website launched! If you're reading this then you must surely have noticed the beautiful new design we have. We can't wait to let you all on, and don't worry, all of your old content is still available over on our archive website.
  2. The Voice team went to Edinburgh Festival Fringe, and reviewed over 130 shows in a week! Join us in reminiscing the experience by diving into the Edfringe Voicebox.
  3. In addition to this, they also gave out the coveted Arts Award Voice Pick of the Fringe Award! A massive, well deserved congratulations to all who made it onto the list.
  4. Good news for the TV and film industry! If you are producing in the UK, you may now be eligible for a 25% tax break on your production costs. This is only if you're filming in the UK though.
  5. If you're setting your sights further afield to make your artistic mark, then this article by Meredith is a must read. She explains how to go on international residencies, and they sound like an awesome way to learn about new cultures, and yourself
  6. However, you can't get much cooler than the Arctic Circle (geddit!?), which plays host to a collaborative project by artists who are seeking truth. Emily spoke to the Director, Aaron T. O'Connor to find out what goes on there.

September's theme is Education vs Creativity, some come and be educated on the finer points of creativity. We paint it as a dichotomy, but do you believe the two have to be separated? We'd love to hear your thoughts!


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