Art Takes a Trip

Going anywhere nice this August? If not, don't worry! We're taking you around the world…in art.

Art Takes a Trip

Do some art forms travel better than others? Are some art forms more universal for their lack of language? And what effect has globalisation had on the arts community?

This month, we'll be discussing art on a global scale.

In some ways, modern times have opened up the art world beyond recognition. Communities are no longer required to be strictly regional, and many arts movements now exist in a virtual sense, similar artists and creatives able to pair up and collaborate with the assistance of the internet. How much power has this taken away from city centres?

While many cities still serve as the institutional hub for the arts, it is getting more and more possible for people to plug into the art world from their own home — whether in a small village or a remote island (well, provided the internet connection works). This opening up has also provided a larger and more global space for arts sub-cultures, where people with similar interests can connect the world over. There is more likelihood of bumping into someone who might support your specific interests with the whole of the web at your fingertips.

But is this opening of communication actually watering down the art styles that have remained specific to different regions for years and years? Now that cultures have the freedom to merge, borrow and share — without even having to leave the country — are we going to lose recognisable regional styles?

We'll be discussing this and more throughout the month, so do stay tuned. Also, if you happen to be going anywhere interesting, we'd love to hear about the local art scene. Be sure to include some great photographs and blog your reaction, or write a review about the art you have seen.

The Voice Team will also be taking a trip, heading to Edinburgh once again to report the cream of the crop, the weird and the wonderful, and the outright bizarre.

Edinburgh Festival Fringe is the largest arts festival in the world, so it is only right that the best arts magazine for young people reports on it, delivering interviews, show reviews and behind the scenes actions.

This year we are hitting the festival harder than ever, with over 100 shows scheduled for review, and lots of exciting interviews with the performers. We are also going to be trying out some new things with our [Instagram account], and of course continuing to tweet our experiences over on the Voice twitter account.

All of the action will be happening over in the [Edfringe Voicebox], so head on over and experience all of the fringe vicariously through us - it's going to be wild!


  • Emrys Green

    On 4 August 2015, 23:03 Emrys Green Voice Team commented:

    I'm really looking forward to seeing all the different arts from around the world :)

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