TrinityTalent 2019 | Alice Baker

Alice is celebrated by Trinity for Creativity in Classical and Jazz. 

TrinityTalent 2019 | Alice Baker

Alice was nominated by her teacher for her achievements with percussion in Classical and Jazz. They said 'Alice has progressed for being a tuned percussion starter three years ago to grade 5 xylophone in July 18 and then grade 8 in May 2019. She even achieved full marks for her concerto movement performance. She created a story for the music and then performed the music to her script.' 

In what ways would you say your Classical and Jazz qualification has influenced your artistic achievement, creativity, leadership or progress? 

The Trinity repertoire for my Trinity grade 8 introduced me to a whole new world of repertoire I would otherwise not have explored and enjoyed. 

How has participating in a Classical and Jazz qualification impacted your artistic skills or career development?

My self confidence has developed and I use this confidence in every area of my life from college to brass band. I have recently been asked to dep in a percussion section of a championship section brass band for a national competition and I would not have felt confident in my abilities prior to the grade 8. I also enjoyed playing my grade 8 repertoire so much I was asked to perform at a public concert with the Holme Valley Orchestra which I thoroughly enjoyed. 

What's next for you?

I am currently preparing for my advanced performance certificate on xylophone, grade 6 on trombone and Im hoping to take grade 5 on trumpet soon too. I will then focus on my diploma studies for xylophone. 

What are your career aims? 

I am currently attending college a year early, after being home schooled, and am enjoying studying events management and business studies. I would like to have a career in this field and still continue to enjoy performing and making music also. 

Have you got any advice for other young people working towards a Classical and Jazz qualification?

Work hard, choose music you enjoy, not that your teacher enjoys, research it thoroughly and build your own performance story in your head and communicate that to your accompanist and audience alike.

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