What are you doing to make a difference in the world?

With so many big issues currently unfolding in the world, it can seem a little overwhelming and you might be left wondering what you can do.

What are you doing to make a difference in the world?

Following on from our successful activism theme from last year, Voice invites you to Speak Up and make your own personal stories of activism and change known. We want to highlight and showcase the fantastic work that our community does - sometimes with little recognition - to serve as inspiration for the rest of us. 

Have you participated in a homeless drive or do you volunteer at a shelter? Perhaps you march for better environmental protection? Maybe you’ve made a personal oath to reduce your use of plastic, or do you plan to, as Josh so eloquently put, “yeet palm oil” out of your life?

With the ‘random act of kindness’ movement growing, we would love it if you could share your link in the chain of positivity and inspire some action for our other readers here on Voice. 

Whatever your act, big or small, we would love to hear about it. You can post to Voice and blog about your progress, or if you are part of a bigger organisation, do get in touch and we will feature you!

You can find all the great work that people are doing in our Speak Up Voicebox, and once you’re feeling inspired, don’t forget to add your own story to our archive!

To get you started, why not read about some of the young people who went on the climate strike, or the 16 year old who arranged a homeless drive, or Zak Cochrane’s work at Love Music Hate Racism.  

Thanks for being such a great community, let us always be the change we want to see. 

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Tom Inniss

Tom Inniss Voice Team

Tom is the Editor of Voice. He is a politics graduate and holds a masters in journalism, with particular interest in youth political engagement and technology. He is also a mentor to our Voice Contributors, and champions our festivals programme, including the reporter team at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe..

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  • Mike Hodgson

    On 26 March 2019, 12:24 Mike Hodgson commented:

    Having a second referendum IS undemocratic there will be no democracy and it is clear dictatorship telling the people which way to vote.
    -the fall of the pound has been occuring since joining the EEC..- the pound has always been weak - since the EU changes Britains currency and measurement's.
    . Leaving the EU will be better for Britain by far.

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