TrinityTalent | Megan Rose Carpenter

Megan is celebrated in the TrinityTalent | Class of 2018 for Musical Achievement and Progress

TrinityTalent | Megan Rose Carpenter

Megan has been nominated by music teacher Rowena Steady for passing her first graded singing exam with distinction. “Megan was able to flourish and share her skills in a wonderful way for her first exam,” says Rowena. “She just loved the whole experience.”

Megan says that having a Trinity qualification has really boosted her confidence. “My dream is to become a singer. I doubted that I would be a singer because my confidence was rather low. [But] because of this qualification, I now realise that I can become a singer if I work hard at it.”

Megan’s advice to fellow Trinity students? 
“My advice would be not to stress. Stressing will make it much worse because you will find yourself not wanting to do the exams. I would also not stress after the exam over whether you have done good or bad. In the end, everyone has done their best. And if you’re not happy with the score, try again next time!”

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