What goes on at BBC Ten Pieces

We catch up with Chloe Shrimpton, Project Manager for BBC Ten Pieces, about their nationwide events, the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, online creative resources for Arts Award and a 4-meter high gnome puppet!

What goes on at BBC Ten Pieces

Hi there, can you introduce yourself to the reader? 

Hello! I’m Chloe Shrimpton and I am a project manager for BBC Ten Pieces. 

Can you tell us a bit about what goes on at the BBC?

You probably already know what the BBC does as you most likely watch, listen to or read something created by the BBC each day. Whether that be Strictly Come Dancing, Radio 1 or visiting the BBC News Website. I work for the BBC on a project called Ten Pieces. Ten Pieces encourages 7-14-year-olds to get creative with classical music.   

Great! Tell us a bit more the BBC Ten Pieces project 

The Ten Pieces website is packed full of films, music and resources so you can learn more about classical music and get ideas and inspiration for making your own music, art, dances (or anything else you fancy) inspired by the pieces! We also run events throughout the year including concerts where you can hear the BBC Orchestras perform the Ten Pieces live. 

What has been your most popular project with young people?

In 2017, 100,000 young people took part in Ten Pieces Assemblies for BBC Music Day. Schools all across the UK put on special Ten Pieces Assemblies where they did brilliant creative performance inspired by the Ten Pieces, performed some of the Ten Pieces or watched the Ten Pieces films.

This was a really popular event as people love to be a part of something that is happening all across the UK at the same time and that so many other young people are involved in. 

We will be asking schools to host Ten Pieces Assemblies again this year as part of the BBC Biggest Weekend festival in May.

Can you tell us a bit about how you incorporate technology into the work that you do?

Technology is at the heart of everything we do at Ten Pieces. The Ten Pieces Website is the centre of the project and is the first place people go to find out more, sign up and explore all the films and resources. We also have an online uploader on our website which allows schools to send in their creative responses which we then feature on our website.

We have had some really amazing creative responses sent to us where young people have used technology to create their own music, animations and films inspired by the Ten Pieces. Technology offers so many exciting opportunities to create and share art.  

What is one of your favourite projects you've worked on recently and why?

One of the best things I've worked on recently was the Ten Pieces Proms as part of the BBC Proms season 2017. 

We produced two concerts which involved the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra performing alongside hundreds of children as well as actors and a 4-meter high gnome puppet! 

The Royal Albert Hall was packed with families coming to watch the Prom – many of whom hadn’t heard an orchestra perform live before. It was brilliant to see how much everyone enjoyed the concert and how inspired people were by the show. The Ten Pieces Proms was a once in a lifetime experience for the amazing young people that performed and an unforgettable event for those that came and watched. 

Can participants of Ten Pieces achieve their Arts Award with you?

7779186f4e18130ab6604d9e241ec34a9880347c.jpegThere are lots of ways that Ten Pieces can help you achieve your Arts Award, although we don't run it specifically. 

Taking part in Ten Pieces can involve a variety of different stages – inspiration, exploration, creativity, presentation and performance – all of which can work with all five Arts Award levels, from Discover to Gold. 

Take a look at the Ten Pieces Website to see our films, resources and events. For example, attending a concert like the Ten Pieces Prom or watching one of the Ten Pieces Masterclasses could help you earn your Arts Award. We have also created our own bespoke Explore level logbook that you can use to help you complete your activities which you can download on our website. 

What online resources do you have for young people doing their Arts Award?

We have lots of resources available online for free on the Ten Pieces Website. You can download our bespoke logbook and find out more about how we work with the Arts Award online.

Access all Ten Pieces Arts Award resources here.  

Download the BBC Ten Pieces Explore Arts Award logbook

How can people get involved with Ten Pieces?

We love seeing your creative responses to Ten Pieces – if you sing, dance, play an instrument, write poetry or love to draw – anything and everything goes. If you have been inspired by Ten Pieces and have made your own creative response, why not get your teacher or parents to upload it to feature on the Ten Pieces website?

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