​ICYMI: EA @ E3 2017

EA had a small but not particularly focused E3

​ICYMI: EA @ E3 2017

If you were to ask me on an unprofessional level what the take-away of EA's E3 conference was, I would say that lesson learned was not to pay loads of money for YouTubers and streamers who don't have hosting experience. Over the course of the conference there were multiple cutaways to 'trendsetters' who fluffed and flubbed their lines all while faking enthusiasm about their game. It came across as awkward and insincere.

However, look beyond that and there was actually some pretty good stuff announced. Here are the best things EA showed off during their keynote.

Lot's of Star Wars!

Probably the reason most people watched the conference: Star Wars.

The whole backend of the conference was dedicated to Battlefront 2, and essentially how EA have fixed all the things that people disliked about the first game. It has a single player campaign, more dogfights, and the multiplayer campaign that spans across all Star Wars era's - meaning you can have Ray fighting Darth Maul. The 40 player multiplayer game they played looked fast paced and fun, and EA have stated that all the multiplayer add-ons will be free, so there will be no fragmentation of the fanbase. A big win for gamers!

A Way Out

One of the more exciting things EA showed off was a new co-op game called A Way Out. Made by the creator behind Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Josef Fares, A Way Out is played exclusively in split-screen mode. It's a story-driven prison break game that has players control either Vincent of Leo, both of whom have their own stories and agendas that play out simultaneously. Fares was especially enthusiastic about the game of stage, and while you can play it online, he stated this is meant to be played together on the couch.


We got only the briefest of looks at Anthem at E3, with the main reveal saved until the Microsoft conference. However, even in that short look, people were excited at what Anthem promised. It appeared to be a mix between Destiny, Titanfall and Iron-man. Read more at the Microsoft keynote summary.

Need for Speed: Payback

EA have taken a GTA V approach with their new Need for Speed game as you now can control three separate characters. It looks a lot like Burnout, which is never a bad thing. It also has a lot in common with Fast and Furious movies, with cutscenes and dialogue all taking inspiration from the iconic if not slightly long in the tooth film series. And let's not forget that truck jump.

Madden NFL is getting a story mode

For those who care about American football you may be excited to hear that Madden is getting a story mode, much like FIFA did in 2016. Called Longshot, the mode is designed to be a playable movie and follows the dreams and aspirations of Devin Wade as he makes his way up to NFL professional football stardom. EA seem committed to making sports games more than just about sports, and focus on the story aspects as well. This is probably due to the transition to the Frostbite engine they are using, which has a lot more versatility.

Battlefield 1 additions and expansions

Battlefield 1 will be getting two night maps, in addition to a whole new expansion that takes place in Russia on the Eastern Front. In the Name of the Tsar adds a further six maps to the game, all that feature the Russian army and the "iconic women's battalion of death".

The new maps launch in the Summer, and In the Name of the Tsar will launch in September.

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