Big Ideas: Children and Young People’s Voices in Leadership

A special event will be held in the North East region next month to celebrate the difference made by including young voices in cultural leadership.

Big Ideas: Children and Young People’s Voices in Leadership is a collaboration between Culture Bridge North EastJuice Festival, and Team Juice, Juice Festival’s leadership team of volunteers, all of whom are aged 16 to 25. 

Big Ideas: Children and Young People’s Voices in Leadership

About this event

Starts: Wednesday 7 February 2018 4:30 PM

Ends: Wednesday 7 February 2018 7:30 PM

At: Gosforth Civic Theatre, Regent Farm Road, Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne NE3 3HD

Organised by: Culture Bridge North East

The one-off session, on February 7th at Gosforth Civic Theatre in Newcastle upon Tyne, will explore the many ways in which young people can be empowered to lead in a meaningful and long-lasting way within cultural organisations, groups and projects. 

Organisations from around the region will share examples of the benefits they’ve enjoyed as a direct result of giving children and young people a powerful role at the centre of what they do. And young people themselves have been heavily involved in the creation of the event. They will also be featured in workshops, installations and performances throughout the evening.

Diana Karikis is 19 and a member of Team Juice. She said: “Bluntly, young people need the experience of creative leadership to succeed in the cultural sector, and area so many young people are enthusiastic about.

“However, there are not enough opportunities to support all these young people. That's why it's vital that Team Juice members and contributors share our experiences with organisations who can make a difference.”

Rachel Hamer, Project Manager at Juice Festival looks after Team Juice and has been directly involved in the co-creation of the Big Ideas event. She added: “This is an exciting opportunity for young people to share their experience and learning to inspire and enable organisations and schools to explore the way they work with young people. 

“We hope attendees go away with practical tips and ideas about how they could work with young people in a new or more in-depth way.”

The evening session, which starts at 16:30, will be immersive, including practical analysis of the quality and impact, on organisations and young people alike, of youth leadership.

Elvie Thompson, Programme Manager at Culture Bridge North East, said: “We hope all attendees will leave fired up about the possibilities of children and young people’s leadership, with practical tools and a plan to implement within their own setting.”

To find out more about the impact of leadership on young people, hear from Ellen Orange, Editor of the Team Juice blog at

And to attend the Big Ideas event, please visit


Jule Wilson

Jule Wilson

Communications Officer at Culture Bridge North East


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