Film Screening of New Short Film: 'The Cycle' on 25th November, The Theatre Deli, London

The Cycle is a psychological drama-thriller from award-winning performance artist and filmmaker: Vilma Jackson.

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About this event

Starts: Saturday 25 November 2023 6:00 PM

Ends: Saturday 25 November 2023 8:00 PM

At: Theatre Deli, 107 Leadenhall Street, London, EC3A 4AF

Award-winning performance artist and filmmaker Vilma Jackson has written, produced and stars in a powerful short film which she hopes will influence change. The Cycle is a psychological drama-thriller combining real-life experiences and fiction, revealing the plight of a Black, Deaf woman who is let down by authorities and struggles to find help as she tries to escape abuse and rebuild her life.

Vilma says: "I wanted to share this story with a wider audience and show that Deaf women, particularly minority ethnic Deaf individuals, are not treated equally. It is a very sad fact that many minority ethnic Deaf women suffer domestic violence, but their suffering remains unseen and unheard. They fall through the gaps, and their mental health deteriorates. It's hard for them to access information and support, so they remain trapped in a cycle of abuse".

"It is difficult to imagine the fear that a Deaf person experiences when their hands are cuffed behind their backs, depriving them of their ability to communicate. Many have been handcuffed and arrested because police officers mistake their sign language for aggressive gestures when they are in an agitated state. Police officers, who frequently respond to domestic violence incidents, often lack proper training on how to engage and communicate with Deaf individuals. This highlights a significant lack of Deaf awareness."

Vilma Jackson works across TV, stage, film, music video and other fields. She also uses her work to draw attention to social injustice and has created projects addressing social issues. She appeared in ITV's Coronation Street in 2022 as a British Sign Language tutor.

Vilma wrote The Cycle to raise awareness and hopes it will help improve future prospects. The film immerses viewers in the journey of a Black Deaf woman, delving into her mental state and perspective, conveying the reality of the psychological aspects of feeling trapped.

She says: "It's a significant responsibility to bring these issues to light and assist people who are enduring torment, even if it may be uncomfortable," she shares. "However, it's crucial that we confront and understand these challenges. 'The Cycle' will serve as their voice, empowering them to reveal to society the realities of their lives, allowing everyone to collaborate to create a better environment."

The Cycle will screen at the Theatre Deli, London on 25th November.


  • Oscar Neumann

    On 10 November 2023, 13:04 Oscar Neumann commented:

    I was fortunate to attend the Premiere of The Cycle by Vilma Jackson on Wednesday 25th October. This was an extra-ordinary which included a psychological thriller that packed a punch, a social awareness and advocacy campaign for deaf rights and the stunning debut of a new star.
    The last first. Vilma Jackson, conceived, wrote, directed, starred in and produced this 30-minute film, delivering professional quality. There was little to distinguish the film from the standard of editing, lighting, acting and sound that one would witness on a mainstream platform. Impressive and certainly a talent to look out for.
    The film was followed by a Q & A panel about the relationships between the Police and the Deaf community and the issue of domestic abuse within that community. This was graced by a senior representative from the Manchester Constabulary who is responsible for liaison with Britain’s Deaf citizens. This was a remarkable session which I enjoyed through the sign language interpretation provided. Takeaways: The Police are raising their game, for example there is now a Deaf friendly way to call 999 and communicate with help, yet many are not aware of this; There is much more to be done with regards to improving deaf awareness in the Police and removing bias towards hearing people; Sign language is a beautiful and sophisticated means of communication. It was a real privilege to witness such a passionate, mature and detailed conversation in this medium. Congratulations to Vilma Jackson for making this an integral part of the Premiere.
    The film itself was a harrowing and scary journey through the trauma of domestic abuse. The plot is unpredictable and holds viewer interest all the way to the finale. In response to questions from the audience after the Premiere, Vilma Jackson explained how the casting was designed to surprise and that it was important to include blood and violence in a production with a predominantly deaf cast because – why not? Deaf people are adult human beings and TV and Film designed for them should not treat them as children.
    Watch “The Cycle” with your eyes wide open and pay close attention to detail. Every nuance is there for a reason.

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