Arts Award Discover Club at Festivals

Arts Award Discover Club at Festivals

Discover Club

Ever wondered what to do with your little siblings at a festival? How about take part in an Arts Award Discover Club!

In 2015 we ran three clubs at festivals of different shapes to try it out and establish a model which we hope to take to many more festivals in 2016. Find out about what Discover Club is by watching our video:

The three festivals featured are:

  • Diss|Fest' - A small community arts festival based around a town in Norfolk
  • Elderflower Fields - A regional arts festival based in a Sussex field
  • Latitude Festival - A national festival of music, arts and more ran by Festival Republic

At each festival we hosted or worked alongside workshops for children and ran drop in sessions so that they could return their pack. The pack features:

  • A map of the festival with opportunities for children to draw or write the art forms they see
  • Space to note what workshops they got involved
  • Space to draw an artist they've discovered and a few questions to ask the artist
  • A parent's page - an information sheet & an interview to conduct with their child to help them share what they've discovered

Find out more about Arts Award Discover

Thanks to the pilot festivals for your participation! Find out about each one: / /