Creative Career Workshop Providers

Want to develop your skills & have fun at the same time? It's a good thing we found these Workshop Providers to get you well on your way!

These companies provide workshops that focus on the development on your career in the arts, involving a wide range of activities & advice on making it in a competitive but rewarding industry:

  • Bauer Academy - "Almost all our training across the UK is fully funded – this means it is free and accessible to everyone. Our courses connect to our talent development programme, which promotes diversity across creative industries. So we don't have entry requirements; if you are talented we want to meet you (you don't need a qualification or previous work experience to prove it)."
  • Victoria and Albert Museum - "Our inspiring programme of events for young people aged 13 – 24 focusses on art, design, fashion, digital media, performance and architecture. Working alongside a variety of talented artists and designers, we run hugely popular workshops, courses, career-focussed events and free festivals designed to encourage creativity and develop skills."
  • Royal College of Music London - Whether you are introducing children to music for the first time, or looking for inspiring ways to delve deeper, families and young people can experience the unforgettable thrill of live performances, workshops and courses at the Royal College of Music, Royal Albert Hall and in the community.
  • DCD - EVOLVE Workshops allow all professional dancers to discover their potential, unlock new possibilities and explore pathways in an energised, open and safe environment.
  • 2engage - Established in 2004, the company deliver extensively across the Northwest producing performances and workshops in a unique and accessible style. 2engage passionately believe drama is an extremely powerful tool to address relevant issues and educate participants.
  • Theatre Centre Education - Theatre Centre productions support National Curriculum requirements across a range of subjects – through live performances and the provision of comprehensive learning resources.
  • Creative Youth Network - Build your confidence, build relationships, build your future.
  • Bigfoot Education - Bigfoot has been providing professional development and training courses for arts practitioners since 2004.
  • Creative Cardiff - We help creative people find creative jobs. We also promote funding, commissions, available space, training and other opportunities which support our members to grow and develop.