Cameron Clark | TrinityTalent 2020

Cameron Clark has been given a Special Mention for TrinityTalent for his Arts Award achievements.

22-year-old Cameron was nominated for TrinityTalent 2020 for his achievements in visual arts for his Bronze Arts Award. He completed his Arts Award with Lifeworks College and has experimented with a variety of different mediums including painting, crafts, mixing music and drama.

Cameron was nominated by his art teacher Michelle Skinner. Michelle said: "When Cameron first arrived at Lifeworks College he expressed very clearly that he did not like art and it was something he did not wish to participate in while at college. Over the past couple of years, we have been able to show Cameron that art can be interesting and fun. It has been a privilege to watch Cameron's creative side grow and see his enthusiasm for art lessons."

The Trinity judges said: "Cameron's artistic journey has been huge. Starting with little interest in the arts to developing a new love and allowing himself to learn and progress. He's opened up to new experiences and shows a huge range of growth, achieving so much."

How has your Trinity College London qualification influenced your progress with your art? 

I have recently completed both my Explore and Bronze Arts Award. When I arrived at Lifeworks College I said I did not want to do art as I do not like it. Now I really enjoy it and I have found out I am good at it. I especially enjoyed flow painting. I gave a great demonstration for students and then supported them so they could learn how to flow paint. 

Has taking part in a Trinity qualification helped you to develop wider skills?  

I now find I enjoy painting and lots of different crafts. I feel my communication skills have improved. When I did the demonstration I had to be patient, explain clearly what I wanted the students to do, be encouraging and give praise. I really enjoyed the experience and the students and staff said they enjoyed my session as well.

Would you like to tell us anything about the challenges you’ve faced this year, and how you’ve overcome them to achieve your qualification? 

This year has been a challenge for everyone. I find wearing a mask difficult but I do it to keep myself and everyone safe. I have also found it difficult to keep socially distanced from other people – but I am learning to deal with that.

What are the next steps for you following your qualification? 

I have gained both my Explore and Bronze Arts Award. Now I want to get my Silver. At college, my project is upcycling a small table as I feel it is important to recycle. 

What are your career aims? 

I just want to enjoy art and gain my Silver Art Award.

Have you got any advice for other young people working towards an Arts Award or Trinity qualification? 

Have fun and enjoy it and give new things a go. Even if you are not sure about something, try it. I did that and now I enjoy lots of new art techniques.

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