Lilia Rowe | TrinityTalent 2020

Lilia Rowe was selected by Trinity College London for Leadership in her Arts Award achievements

15-year-old Lilia was nominated for TrinityTalent 2020 for her achievements in dance for her Gold Arts Award. She completed her Arts Award with Mountsbay Academy and focused on organising a De-Tox festival for the whole community. 

Lila was nominated by Shelley Claxton, her Arts Award adviser. Shelley said: "Lilia has shown great determination and kindness in the way she has developed her leadership skills. When she began to organise the first De-Tox festival, she was only 13. Since then she has lit a spark in the school which is now reflected even in the staff training and the general running of the school. Then 2020 hit, but Lilia was not deterred and worked in very difficult circumstances to put the festival online."

The Trinity judges said: "Lilia impressed us with the sheer extent of the De-tox festival project that she led and how this influenced her school and the people around her. She's proven herself to be a real eco-warrior and is using Arts Award to great effect! It's even more impressive that her project is now embedded in school life, an amazing feat to complete this year! It's impactful and influencing lots of people for the better."

How has your Trinity qualification influenced your leadership skills? 

It’s made me think more critically about what I am doing with the arts and has improved my evaluation and collaboration skills making me a better leader.

Has taking part in a Trinity qualification helped you to develop wider skills?  

Through Arts Award I have definitely become more creative and now I always try to be more authentic and avant-garde. I’m also better at adapting and working around problems.

Would you like to tell us anything about the challenges you’ve faced this year, and how you’ve overcome them to achieve your qualification? 

This year myself and the team organised a virtual De-Tox festival as opposed to a real one. It was a challenge to understand the technology behind it and also to encourage activism through art remotely.  

What are the next steps for you following your qualification? 

My next steps are to keep being involved in the arts and bring about positive change through creativity.

What are your career aims? 

My career aim is to become a professional dancer.

Have you got any advice for other young people working towards an Arts Award or Trinity qualification? 

Keep going and working hard! Arts Award is an amazing qualification and has helped me develop as a person. I have become a better leader and more creative, so keep pursuing to get it done - even during a pandemic.

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