Maddie Hinchliff, Gold Arts Award

Maddie Hinchliff shares her Gold Arts Award journey with us. She explored musical theatre at The King’s School in Worcester and has completed her Bronze, Silver and Gold, and impressively, completed her Gold during lockdown 2020.

Maddie Hinchliff, Gold Arts Award

Impressively, Maddie completed her Gold Arts Award during lockdown 2020. Of her main sources of creativity, she says: "Anything! I tend to see any random thing that I scroll past/read and think of where it could go from there - there is no method to the madness..."


How did you find the process of working towards the qualification? 

Stressful, but rewarding.

How did you find the exam experience? 

The invigilators for Arts Award folders have always been very kind, empathetic people who always put you at ease when they can see you are very nervous!

How did you choose to present your portfolio? 

Microsoft One Note

What did you find challenging about the process of preparing for the assessment? 

Trying to organise a group event over teams when people don’t reply to emails! Getting all the evidence together, however, was far easier to do when it is all on emails and Teams meetings!

Where have you found sources of help and support and what has been helpful? 

From our school, we have a section on the school’s network system dedicated to Arts Award with the templates for each section (the ones provided from Trinity) and from the teachers.


What has been the impact of this experience? 

It will help with university applications in order to boost by UCAS points and has given me transferrable skills for my personal statement

What has been the personal impact of working towards the qualification? 

It has taught me to be more organise and stop procrastinating!

What have you learnt from the experience? 

Not to procrastinate!

What is the impact on your creative development/artistic practice? 

It has given me more insight into practitioners and the breadth of opportunities and career options available for people who take drama, both at A-level and in HE.

Do you feel that there has been an impact on your wider learning studies? 

Yes, it gave me an opportunity to look into a practitioner in more depth and I got to learn stage skills in the workshops I attended. 

Have you developed any particular hard and/or soft skills through your journey – how has that helped you beyond your study for the qualification? 

The ability to organise a team and to work to a checklist under time constraints. This has taught me about project structuring and how to go about problems that don’t have an obvious solution.


What’s next for you in developing your creative talents?

I am preparing to take my Grade 7 musical theatre exam before going to university... then who knows!


What would you recommend to other young people working towards a Trinity qualification? 

Not to procrastinate. Get organised and dedicate a few hours a week, even if it's half an hour a day or a few hours at the weekend to organising and planning. And, when working in a team, have a clear vision and a plan... otherwise, you will be panicking at the end because you haven’t ticked one of the boxes!

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