Max Trayner | TrinityTalent 2019

Max is celebrated by Trinity for Creativity in Classical and Jazz.

Max was nominated by his teacher for his creativity during his grade 8 piano Classical and Jazz qualification. They said 'being awarded Merit for his piano grade 8 with Trinity was a super achievement for Max Trayner. Max worked consistently to make his improvisation shine and received a distinction mark. Earlier in the year, Max took the time to perform 'Time of My Thoughts' at a fundraising event for the Waltham Forest Dyslexia Association, which collected more than £700. A love of spontaneous improvisation had been noticed first by Max's mum Sharon, several years ago. She noticed that he enjoyed “messing around” during his piano practice. Switching to Trinity exams gave Max a brilliant opportunity to develop skills he most enjoys and he continues to improvise, compose and play post-grade 8.'

In what ways would you say your Classical and Jazz qualification has influenced your artistic achievement, creativity, leadership or progress? 

It has led me to feel more confident and I tend to create a lot more music now. With all this practise, I have learned many new skills and enjoy putting my ideas into practice. Creating my own piece to perform for the exam was a very satisfying process. 

How has participating in a Classical and Jazz qualification impacted your artistic skills or career development?

Learning the piano has given me the opportunity to meet lots of different and interesting people. It has given me the ability to think and act more creatively which has benefited me in other areas as well. I performed my composition at a fundraiser for the Waltham Forest Dyslexia Society, which collected more than £700, this was something I really enjoyed doing.  I also play the french horn, I am in the symphony orchestra and brass ensemble at school. This has improved my communication with other musicians.

What's next for you?

I shall continue to make music for leisure and also at school since I am able to do so for my GSCE music subject. Even though I have now completed grade 8 piano I would still  like to further strengthen my skills as a pianist.

What are your career aims? 

I am not entirely sure what my future career aims will be, but I do know I will continue to create music for myself and hopefully be able to share with others.

Have you got any advice for other young people working towards a Classical and Jazz qualification?

That you should never give up as there is always a way to move forward no matter what setbacks you have – for example like myself, dyslexia has caused some difficulties. Notation in particular was a challenge. For someone else it could be a bad teacher or anything that knocks your confidence – you should always continue and try your best.

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