Georgia Meachem, Silver Arts Award achiever

Georgia has completed three levels of Arts Award and we caught up with her to find out more about her artistic work. 

Georgia Meachem, Silver Arts Award achiever

Hi Georgia! Please do introduce yourself for the reader. 

Hi, I am Georgia Meachem and I am 15 years old.

What levels of Arts Award did you do?

I have just completed my Silver Arts Award, but have also done my Bronze and my Discover.

What art forms did you take part in?

For my Silver Arts Award, I reviewed a theatre performance that I went to see; choreographed a dance piece, learnt more about a career in media and I organised my drama group's winter production.

What events did you go? 

For my review of the theatre piece, I went to see Sweeney Todd at Minack Theatre in Cornwall. Minack Theatre is an outdoor theatre built into the cliffs. At first, I had been a bit nervous about going as I was not sure whether I would find it too scary, but I loved it. I completed my review and posted it on Voice:

Who were your arts inspirations, and did you interview any arts professionals?

I have always looked up to Emma Watson as she is so hardworking in everything that she does. Also, during the project my drama teacher, Jenaya, inspired me.

For my final section, I learnt more about a career in media. I learnt that the media is a very wide job sector so I decided to concentrate on radio and social media. I visited two radio stations (Hits Radio in Manchester and Inspiration FM in Northampton). At Inspiration FM, I sat in during the kids' show which takes place on a Saturday morning and saw how they produced the show and the different things they have to remember like timings for the news, playing jingles, making sure all music they play is approved and coming in on time after song. 

When I visited Hits, I had a tour around and interviewed Tom Dambach, who works there as a news journalist. Also, for the social media side of my research, I interviewed Jacob Tomlinson. Through this, I had an insight into different careers in the media industry and would love to learn more about the other sectors too.

How did you share skills or lead projects?

During Unit 1 Part A, I learnt a new skill when I choreographed a dance for our winter production of Annie. I did this to It’s a Hard Knock Life and I used my ballet knowledge, the ideas from students taking part and inspiration from other performances that I had either viewed in real life or online as a basis for the routine. I shared this with the students through teaching. 

For Unit 2, I organised the winter production of Annie. This included communicating with parents about logistics, costumes, hair, and how to help their child. It also included designing tickets and posters and helping with setting up the room and any issues. I found this section very challenging as I had to work to lots of deadlines for getting the letters out on time and making sure the programmes were ready for the day. 

What kind of portfolio did you create? 

I created my portfolio using publisher and created different files for each unit with pictures and videos alongside this. I also published my review on Voice.

What are you going to do next – and has Arts Award helped you?

Overall, I really enjoyed doing my Silver Arts Award. While each section was challenging in a different way, I have learnt so much from doing each section. 

I would say one of the main things  I have got out of it is communication and leadership as I had to lead different projects but also communicate with different people. I am now working on my Gold Arts Award, and although I don’t know exactly where I want to go in the future, I know that Silver Arts Award has built my confidence for whatever that step may be.

How did you get involved with Arts Award and who gave you the most help and inspiration?

I got involved with Arts Award though my drama teacher Jenaya and I would say that she helped me and inspired me the most though the journey as she helped me with every step of the way. Her help was invaluable.

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