Case study: Becky Bruzas, Bronze achiever

Becky Bruzas completed her Bronze Arts Award at Carousel and is about to embark on her Silver for their project Curing Perfect, as part of Arts Award's 10 Month Pledge.

Case study: Becky Bruzas, Bronze achiever

When did you get involved with Curing Perfect, and how did you find out about the project?

I got involved as I was part of The Oska Bright committee for 3 years. We discussed an article which incorrectly claimed that Down Syndrome could be cured.

Is this the first time you've been involved with something like this?

Yes this is the first time I've been involved in a partnership project. It is inspiring as I realise there is no wrong or right answer to things.

What levels of Arts Award are you completing during the project?

Yes as I have done my Bronze Award. Carousel was the first organisation to introduce it to me. And when I realised that it was actually a qualification, I thought "Wow'. I will be completing Silver and then hopefully Gold.

What was the most surprising thing that you have learnt about Arts Award?

The wide spectrum of people who can do the Arts Award surprised me.

How has Curing Perfect panned out so far? What have been the best and most challenging moments?

Our launch event has been the best part so far. To see so many people coming and even when it was over for people to continue to talk about it felt wonderful. Seeing the development of the game and it going live online was very exciting! I amazed at how much of an audience we ended so far. The challenging bits are being dyslexic as it takes longer to read stuff and process it. It was challenging to host an event that different to how we usually work and it was the first time we were involved in the Digital Festival. Overall we overcome our challenges and we now know what to do next time.

Jason, Sarah and Becky at Juice FM radio. Interview photo by Julia Horbaschk

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