Case Study: Jade Smith AKA Navigator, Gold Achiever

I am twenty five. I have been ill since I was nine and was home educated from twelve till eighteen, owing to having severe ME/CFS. I have been bedridden since I was thirteen.

Case Study: Jade Smith AKA Navigator, Gold Achiever

I am mostly bedridden and paralysed during the day. I found that drawing and writing poetry helped me get through the bad pain that I suffer with my ME/CFS and the long stays in Hospitals.

I am glad that I have been chosen to do my Gold Arts Award. I'm so pleased that CEO Mary Jane Willows AYME put me forward for it and that I am able to do it. I have enjoyed making my portfolio and seeing my creative work set out and also learning other art forms while I have done my Gold Arts Award.

I hope to deliver my creative work based on Manga drawing with Steampunk fashion which is based on Victorian, Punk and Goth Fashion. I become interested in this when I visited a Steampunk Extravaganza in Frome over the last two years, which I found very interesting and the Steampunk people were so friendly. They believe in Victorian Values, having fun and drinking tea. On my last visit I did a stall, showing my artwork with the help of my dad and friend Jan. It was nice to hear how people commented on my work. At the moment I have eleven of my drawings up at the Royal United Hospital in Bath and have been having a lot of feedback from people I know that work at the RUH.

The artists I like are Banksy (living near Bristol hope one day to go see some of his work in the Bristol area!), Van Goth, cartoonist, Jamie Hewitt who created the Gorillas' characters and tattoo artist Ed Hardy.

I am interested making things, designing my nails and doing deco patch. I do like to learn different art ideas and skills so that I can transform my skills and try out different ideas.

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