Case study: Gold achiever Sophie Rogers

Sophie Rogers is the first person in Scotland to complete a Gold Arts Award. She is also a trained Bronze and Silver adviser, music coordinator at Depot Arts and is about to release her debut album.

Case study: Gold achiever Sophie Rogers

My name is Sophie Rogers and I am a 24-year-old singer, songwriter, and musician. I am currently based in Glasgow, Scotland and I work with an arts organisation, Depot Arts as a Music Coordinator. I work with an amazing team of people who organise, promote and provide arts opportunities for young people and the communities of North-West Glasgow.

The first time I heard of Arts Award was from my manager who suggested I go for training as a Bronze and Silver adviser. At this training I met arts leader and adviser Sarah Longfield who recommended that I go for my Gold Award. I agreed and Sarah and I began working together to gain Gold.

The best thing about my Arts Award journey was gaining the first Gold Award in Scotland whilst training as a Bronze and Silver adviser so that I can work with young people to take them through their own Arts Award journey. The art form I chose to study was music. I have been studying and working towards my music career since I was 17 and the Arts Award felt like a natural progression for me. Throughout my Gold I attended various music and arts events in order to research and study musicians in my field. I tried to take an active approach to the Arts Award. What inspired me most was going to these events and reviewing the art happening around me in Glasgow City. This has ultimately helped shape both my Arts Award and my music. The people around me also helped inspire my journey! My adviser Sarah and colleagues have been there throughout with positive comments and feedback! The next step for me and my journey is releasing, promoting and touring my debut album 'Two Sides'. I'm really excited!


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