Tina Dickinson, Bronze and Silver achiever, Gold student

We asked some questions to Tina Dickinson, who is currently doing her Gold Arts Award with 2017-2018 Arts Award Good Practice Centre, Carousel and where she helps out with their disabled-led film festival, Oska Bright Film Festival.

Tina Dickinson, Bronze and Silver achiever, Gold student

What level(s) of Arts Award have you done?

Bronze and Sliver, I'm working towards Gold.

This year I was trained to deliver Arts Award Discover level.

What art form(s) did you take part in?

I have been learning about filmmaking, and film editing. I've been running workshops with young people to teach them about filmmaking too.

What events did you go to see?

I went to see an exhibition called Collisions, which was a Virtual Reality film.

Tell us about who and what was featured as your arts hero, artists you worked with, and cultural organisations you visited

I wrote to a YouTuber. I sent them questions to answer. I chose them because I like playing video games and like making Vlogs and broadcasting online.

I visited Lighthouse, which is a digital arts organisation here in Brighton.

How did you share your arts skills or lead your own projects?

I was part of the team at the Oska Bright Film Festival 2015. I did the social media and I was introducing the films. I was also a lead member of the Curing Perfect project, which was about science and disability.


  • Tina (left) representing Carousel in her role as Head of Social Media for Oska Bright Film Festival.

What kind of portfolio did you create?

I'm still working on my Gold portfolio, I like to work on paper. Some of my work is video that I have filmed and edited.

What was most valuable to you personally?

That someone with disability like me can do Arts Award and get the right support to do the Arts Award and not give up.

What did you find inspiring?

I met people at the Oska Bright Film Festival. Watching the films has inspired me to make my own film.

What was challenging?

I find it hard to write because of my Dyslexia.

What are you going to do next – and has Arts Award helped you?

What I'm doing next is I'm going to centres and schools, helping them do Bronze, Silver and Discover Arts Award. Arts Award helped me learn that I can do things and not to give up, not to let my disability stop me doing things.

How you got involved with Arts Award

I am part of Carousel, they told me about Arts Award.

Who gave you the most help and inspiration

Carousel helped me to do my Arts Award.

  • Image courtesy of Carousel.


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