Katie, Caitlin and Hannah, Bronze achievers

Three Year 6 students took on their Bronze Arts Award together and lived to tell the tale. With the help of their Advisor, Mrs. Lonergan, we hear about their experience.

Katie, Caitlin and Hannah, Bronze achievers

We took part in Arts Award Bronze as an after school club when we were in Year 6. We took part in the Shakespeare Schools Festival performing in A Midsummer Night's Dream at a local theatre and we also studied the work of Matisse and Heather Galler.

We went to a variety of events – musical theatre shows, pantomimes, puppet making workshops and drama workshops.

We shared our arts skills by planning and preparing and delivering a drama workshop for a group of 20 younger pupils in our school to help them prepare for taking part in the Shakespeare Schools Festival.

We all created a scrapbook style portfolio with examples of our work and photographs of all the activities we had taken part in. We kept a journal throughout the year to record our reflections in and this also formed part of our portfolio.

What was most valuable to you personally?

Katie – The time to be creative and share to with other people.

Caitlin – I got to do something creative with my friends and it didn't feel like school.

Hannah – The chance to find out about different artists and art forms and try new things with my friends.

What did you find inspiring?

Katie – How we got to do different types of art.

Caitlin – The work of the different artists.

Hannah – The chance to find out about all the different ways that people express themselves through art.

What was challenging?

Katie – Painting in the style of Heather Galler and getting the colours right!

Caitlin – I didn't find anything challenging – I was just inspired.

Hannah – I didn't feel anything was so challenging that I couldn't achieve it and be successful.

What are you going to do next?

Katie – Arts Award has helped me because I want to do Art for GCSE and I can say it has given me the confidence to do so.

Caitlin – I am going to continue drawing – Arts Award has helped me develop my skills.

Hannah – Arts Award has helped me see that there is a huge range of arts that I can get involved in, and that you don't need to be an expert – anyone can do it!

How did you get involved with Arts Award?

Katie – I got involved by helping other people with their work and my teacher encouraged me to join the after school club.

Caitlin – It sounded interesting and fun to do.

Hannah – I love art and music and I thought it would be great to do a club with my friends that I would get a qualification for.

Who gave you the most help and inspiration?

Katie – The other people in the Arts Award Club and the teacher.

Caitlin – Mrs. Lonergan

Hannah – All the people we worked with inspired me – the teachers and SSF staff and the other people in our club. Our Arts Award advisor Mrs. Lonergan was really supportive and helped us a lot.

Anything else?

Hannah – Arts Award has inspired me to look at all the ways that art affects our lives and how important it is.


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