Em King | TrinityTalent 2021

 Trinity Talent celebrates Arts Award Achiever Em King for Leadership.

Em King | TrinityTalent 2021

14-year-old Em was nominated for TrinityTalent 2021 for Leadership. They achieved Bronze Arts Award at Colchester High School, displaying a range of arts skills including digital art, make-up artistry, sketching, video and web design. They led a tutorial for younger students as part of their Arts Award on how to use Minecraft. Em now leads a student-centred diversity and equality panel and is an active member of the School Council. Furthermore, Em has used their creative and leadership skills to support younger students taking part in the school performance.

Em was nominated by their Arts Award adviser and Head of Music at Colchester High School, Mercedes Romero-Fernández, who said: "Em is an incredibly inspiring person. Em is reliable, committed and hard working and has become most definitely an influential part of our school community.As they are involved in so many enriching activities, they are looked upon as a ‘role model’ by younger years.

The Trinity panel said: "We are impressed by the level of leadership opportunities Em has sought out. Em has demonstrated that they are a role model for others. This a great example of going 'above and beyond' in a leadership capacity."

How do you feel about being selected to be part of TrinityTalent Class of 2021 and being recognised in this way?
I am very pleased to have been selected and recognised for my artwork in my Arts Award portfolio. It’s great recognition of the time and effort I took to complete the award and I’m very happy I’ve been noticed in this way. 

How do you feel you have developed creatively and artistically in 2021?
I feel my creativity and artistic ability has significantly progressed over 2021 especially due to the time spent in lockdown and my development as a person.

What impact did your Arts Award achievement have on your artistic development?
I've learnt to use and present artwork in different forms (such as digitally) rather than the traditional mediums.

Has taking part in Arts Award helped you to develop wider skills, such as communication skills, creativity or confidence?
Yes, Arts Award helped me to develop my communication skills and confidence through supporting the learning of younger children in my school.

What are the next steps for you artistically and creatively in 2022?
Continue to work towards my GCSE Art coursework using the skills I have learnt through my completion of Arts Award.

What are your longer term aims, for example for your future studies or work?
I hope to continue studying art at a higher level and to work in an artistic field in the future.

Have you got any advice for other young people working towards an Arts Award?

Pick something you enjoy because you will find it more rewarding and enjoyable to complete.

Is there anything creative you’re currently working on you’d like to tell us about?
I'm currently working on hyper-realism in human and animal features as part of my art GCSE coursework. I have used mediums such as graphite and charcoal along with watercolour paint and ink.

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Header Image Credit: Em King


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