Stuart Mullins's Webinar: Asking the question 'What would your best life look like?"

On 22/09/2021 the Kickstarters had the opportunity to participate in a webinar with Stuart Mullins. This webinar explored the kickstarter ambitions and where they would like their life and career to go after their current placements. 

Stuart Mullins's Webinar: Asking the question 'What would your best life look like?"

The session began by Stuart introducing himself, his background and how he got to this career. At this point Stuart had explored many different career paths in his life, but is currently a relational dynamics coach which allows him to support many individuals including kickstarters.

Stuart’s favourite question in coaching calls is ‘What would your best life look like?’ and that is what the webinar was based upon. 

Firstly, Stuart introduced the analogy he uses mostly for determining where an individual is in their life through that of a Tennis Court. The Tennis Court analogy allows an individual to assess where they stand in their life. Are they standing by, are they reaching their goals or have they already achieved their goals? This is explained by relating your life to a Tennis court. The stands represent an individual sitting by watching the game of life unfold. Stuart explains that an individual in this situation is not in the wrong, it allows one to plan, strategize and learn. However there is a point where you stop growing in this position, where you need to make a move towards the court. The Court aspect of this analogy represents an individual who is actively working towards their goals and participating in the game of life. 

When using this analogy Stuart will ask the person he is supporting how it feels to be in the position they are in - if they are in the stands why do they think that is, how does it feel to be there, what does it mean to be there to them. If they are on the court how does that feel - are they progressing as they thought they would, does it feel different to how they thought it would etc. Using this analogy allows Stuart to not only get a good grasp of the individual and their motivations but also allows the individual to explore parts of themselves they may never have acknowledged of themselves or to dig deeper within for the next stage of the webinar and practice. 

After the participants had explored their tennis court and where they stood, Stuart introduced the next activity of the webinar which was visualising your best life. 

The main activity Stuart led us through was to visualise your best life. Stuart had us all stand up and create space that we could take a few steps in. This is as moving can help creativity flow and open your mind. As we stood up we were told to visualise our ideal future or a goal we would like to achieve in the space in front of us. We were then told to take one step toward that future. After you had taken that step Stuart asked us to note what we could see/ smell/hear and feel. 

After we had explored these feelings/ thoughts we then were told to take several steps past that point to when we could visualise we had achieved this goal or ideal future. Stuart then asked us questions about this future such as: how long has it been since we achieved this goal or ideal future/ how do you feel/ what do you see/ what do you feel etc. Finally, Stuart had us return to our original position and from there we again took one step toward our goal/ ideal future. He then congratulated us on making one step towards that today. 

Voice’s own Molly McIntosh was the ‘example’ individual for this activity and will now lead you through her experience and what it meant to her: 

“I really enjoyed the session. It made me feel motivated because it encouraged me to think about the things I want in life and where I see myself in the future, but Stuart managed to implicate these thoughts without making me feel overwhelmed but still answering the bigger question of what does my best life look like?

It was a very creative and interactive session which helped with visualisation when thinking about the steps towards your best life but also talks about the importance of being present and focusing on the now. Once you get into the session it becomes really easy to interact and open up in response to questions and activities that are a part of this webinar. I’ve done many online webinars but none of them quite compared to this. I finished the seminar feeling motivated and it just generally put me in a happier/hopeful mood. I’d definitely recommend Stuart Mullins’s Webinar about ‘What does my best life look like?" 

(This is a collaborative piece by Molly McIntosh and Olivia Wyatt)

Header Image Credit: Negative Space website


Molly McIntosh and Olivia Wyatt

Molly McIntosh and Olivia Wyatt

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