Unit 1, Part C - Review Arts Event - Quentin Blake at the Museum

I visited the Museum of Making in Derby and the Museum and Art Gallery.

There was so much to see, So I decided to focus on the Quentin Blake exhibition.

We did a class trip to the Museum of Making and the Museum and Art Gallery in Derby.

The Museum of Making is a renovated museum and used to be called The Silk Mill.  It has had a 17 Million pound renovation and has lots to see. The Museum has a lot of railway exhibits and this reminded me of my Grandad as he used to work in the railway industry.  

We then went to the Museum and Art Gallery.  I am going to study a nature based subject next year at Broomfield College so the Nature Galley was really interesting.

We then went up to the third floor and I looked around the exhibition at the pages of his sketchbooks and saw how his illustrations tell stories without writing alongside them.  There was also a display in which you could draw a bird alongside his, and I drew a bird and so did one of my peers.  After I sat on one of the boats next to the book display and looked through some of the books.  It was an exhibition of Illustration which is 'A decoration, interpretation or visual explanation for text or a story/concept.

This is a touring exhibition from the House of Illustration that has been touring since 2017.

I really loved the display cabinets with ink pens and watercolours, it was really cool and showed the processes, what happens during the process and the ink stains and seeing the process was really good as well as seeing the finished products.  I love how the stories are made from pictures and doesn't have to be about the words.  There was nothing I didn't like about this day out.  I loved it all.

The exhibition made me feel nostalgic as I had a 'how to' draw book by Quentin Blake.  He also did the poems by Roald Dahl, it made me feel like a child, wholesome and lovely.

I learnt how he told a story with new pictures, the concept of using illustration to convey what was going on, you knew what was happening without words.

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Elysia Whitman

Elysia Whitman

I am studying for the Silver Arts Award as part of my Study Programme with Derbyshire County Council.


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