Music Industry Lead Singer of Antre Interview

Dystopian & Death Metal. Patrick is apart of 6 bands but these are the main ones. Antre, Revolution Ruin and Van Dyr.

1. Is anyone in your family a part of or was a part of the Music Industry?


2. Who inspired you to become a singer?

When I heard a band called beheaded, they inspired me to do Death Metal.

3. What is the story behind your band name?

Antre means cave or cavern.

4. Do you have a stage name?


5. What is your main inspiration?

I enjoy making and listening to music. I do it for myself.

6. What musician do you admire the most and why?

Corey Taylor from Slipknot.

7. Did your style evolve since the beginning of your career?

Death metal / Extreme metal to Black metal. I am still branching out.

8. What do you enjoy mot about singing?

I enjoy making music, enjoy listening to myself and experimenting.

9. Tell me about your best performance?

Playing at Wolverhampton with a band called KaroKumo.

10. Tell me about your worst performance?


11.  How do you energise the audience?

I do my own thing and if they like it then that's cool.

12. Do you have any artistic collaboration plans?


13.  Is there any music style you do not like?

Country, UK Garage and Musicals.

14. How do you balance between the music and other obligations?

I try to always make time for music/gigs.

15. What are your interests outside of music?

Fitness, Comedy, Podcasts, Gaming, Cats and Food.

16. Is there any hidden meaning in your music?


17. Discuss how you interact with and respond to fans?

I am always happy and supportive to speak to my fans.

18. Have you ever dealt with performance anxiety? If so, how did you overcome it?

Yes. By performing for myself and not think of it as appeasing.

19.  What advice would you have for someone wnting to follow in your footsteps?

Do it for yourself not to just make someone else happy.

20. What's an average day like for you?

I train myself and other, do what other obligations I need to do, Jam, Be a dad etc.

This is the end of the interview. I will leave Antre's links down below.

Main website


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