Summer Showcase: SOUND/SIGHT

A 100 piece audio-visual exhibition.

Summer Showcase: SOUND/SIGHT

Sound/Sight is a 100-piece exhibition exploring how audio and visuals interact. I created a minute-long piece a day over lockdown, using Ableton for the audio, and Max for the visuals. All visuals are mapped to the audio in different ways, and are generated in real-time. Here is a selection of pieces from the series:

#95 Recap

#57 Dust

#39 Zebra

#6 Cleen

To see the full series visit
Header Image Credit: Lovegrove


Cameron Naylor

Cameron Naylor

I am an artist and composer specialising in sound design, and audio-visual installations. My pieces have been installed in galleries and venues around the UK, and online!

I like all things music, and art. and I am interested in writing about current exhibitions, live events, and the current climate of art.

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