Summer Showcase: Freedom

This is my poem, Freedom, it is my submission for the summer showcase. The poem shows what I feel needs to change in order for me to experience total personal freedom.

Freedom has always been an odd concept to me,

The courts are on my side legally,

I am not owned by anyone, 

I have access to education 

And I can pretty much say what I want,

But surely there's more to it than that.

See I’ll be free when I’m no longer being debated in parliament but debating in parliament,

When I can put a face and a name to the LGBT agenda,

And finally find out what that is,

When I can put average disability in front of decision makers,

Make it impossible for them to disregard us as instantaneous injections of inspiration,

But make it sink in that we're not just somewhere that sinks money.

I’ll be free when my appearance on TV is no longer a cause for a accomplishment or complaint,

When my life couldn't be a Coronation Street storyline to win the hearts of the nation,

When #Diversity #SuperHuman and #LoveIsLove no longer need trend,

And celebrities can't gain Adsense from from wearing certain colours on instagram whilst sitting on the awareness fence.

When TV awards ceremonies aren't a who’s who of virtue signalling,

And people can't put causes in  speeches just to improve Facebook video reaches.

When the campaigns that tell me to report hate are properly backed up,

When those in authority don't question my sense of humour,

Emphasise their busyness,

Throw in some cliches,

And discourage me from taking it further,

When hate crimes in schools are dealt with as hate crimes.

I’ll be free when I don't have to be noticed,

When unless I want to be,

There's no pressure to be a poster girl for success,

To be squeaky clean for the good of my minorities,

When my achievements aren't a shock,

When they're not the subject of heart emoji attracting articles.

Only after all this will I be free


Kizzy Wade

Kizzy Wade

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