Summer Showcase: Painting with Embroidery

This is my Summer Showcase submission. My project aim was to create an illustration using the form of embroidery.

Summer Showcase: Painting with Embroidery

a8dd0c0861478460b639be301109b36eea9f7e72.jpegAdding tones to neck 20/07/21

I have created a self-portrait using all the skills in embroidery. I used an online course Skillshare Danielle Cough: Painting with Thread, Modern Embroidery for Beginners. 

This project is still currently in progress and I will be adding pictures as the project unfolds. It’s taken me 12 hours (22nd July).

I have called my painting, Reborn

My understanding of identity, grief and facing the future. The colours represent my personality and all the emotions with the themes.

6e7cb78340e28fbfad4754a48e6b3a3d900f5bf3.jpegSketches 8/07/21

9be2b87db0f12fbf975657441731e3ced564b6a2.jpegTransferring Sketch 9/07/21

b3b1dd5c87b1f7986641d907bcf6cdb9257e4240.jpgAdding Shade and Highlight 10/07/21

3b3a3b7fbafd258433aee24f9de2df0b47977663.jpegBase Colours 12/07/21

e4b162c06ed002b5cb7d51f36b2fae773e3a1aaa.jpgAdding highlights and shading 19/07/21

29c5dc3703336310ffd0eafe211dae59d84a0e7f.jpegShirt Sewing Process 21/07/21

419016e2035158510288e940be4f52e797f7c88f.jpegGlasses Added 21/07/21

f6445a9290657af83f65cbf47ff8ba99a1289855.jpegHairband Design 22/07/21

5c91ed6ea0e3370af3d877a2c4ccecf04752ca12.jpegHairband Details 22/07/21

527f871d685b206ca4621f46fd75cca7e0f333bb.jpegFinishing Touches 23/07/21

d26d65aa29f3adb7bcea0ea1a71184da664caf0c.jpegAdding Details 23/07/21

d9e2721646702a5166efd3a3d0e3dc569d970c69.jpgCompleted 24/07/21

Thank you for viewing my portfolio for my embroidery project.

I've enjoyed creating a unique portrait of myself and learnt so many new skills. Including colour contrast, embroidery stitches and bringing my design to life.
If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below. Stay Safe, Grace xxx


Grace Baker

Grace Baker

who am I? My name is Grace, I’m 21 and I'm an art and design student. I’m currently an art student in adult education.

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