Unit 1, Part B: Implement and Review My Arts Challenge

My Arts Challenge to explore scale with Origami.  I have challenged myself to create a large Crane.

These origami birds and mask are made using ordinary origami paper.  I also experimented with different base shapes of square, triangle, rhombus and right angled triangle.  




To make my larger scale crane, I used A2 paper art paper.

I tried this with different papers, and found a thicker paper works best.  The thinner the paper, the flimsier the origami piece.

The images in the gallery show the different stages of the challenge.

I also made smaller origami shapes using some patterned paper, I particularly liked the bird and the positioning of the pattern on his back.  I also tried making a mask and really liked the effect of the mask, the pattern of the paper made it look like it was leather.

My tutor and my learning assistant will help me through this journey and I will photography the results.  For feedback I will ask my other tutor and classmates.








I'm really pleased with the results of my origami experiments.  To start with I just made origami with the traditional sized squares and now I can make them larger and with patterned paper.  I planned the paper, I tried thinner paper but this did not work, so my tutor got me some thicker paper and this worked really well.  My tutor then found some patterned paper and I experimented with it, it worked really well.  The paper was double sided so I could chose which pattern was on display.

Review from Gail Sims, LSA

I was really impressed with how hard Lissi worked on this challenge, she made so many cranes it was amazing.  She kept experimenting with different paper, some worked, some didn't but she still kept trying.  Well done Lissi, the final cranes in patterned paper and thicker paper were lovely.

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Elysia Whitman

I am studying for the Silver Arts Award as part of my Study Programme with Derbyshire County Council.

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