Unit 2, Part A: My Project and My Leadership Role

This part is about the leadership skills I would like to develop and I will do this by teaching my class how to make Origami Birds.

My Qualiites:  Good Communication Skills, Good at Teamwork, Positive, Level-Headed, Patient, and Calm.

I want to Develop:  Confidence and Assertiveness.

For my leadership project I will teach my class how to make origami birds.  I am going to show them how to make a tumbling bird first, as this is easy.  I will then show them how to make a Flapping Duck.  The outcome will be that everyone will have made at least one tumbling bird and one flapping duck.  They will have learnt some paperfolding skills to create origami.

Resources I will need:

Origami Paper.

Photo Copies of Instructions to take home.

I will be demonstrating to the class, I'll give verbal instructions and I'll be responsible for getting the resources.

This will help develop my leadership skills by improving my confidence and assertiveness.  I will need to give them instructions and get them to listen to me.  Because I know my classmates, this will help me stay calm and not get too anxious.

My tutor will support me with recording my demonstration for my arts award.  I'll be leading the class and Christine will be supporting me.

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Elysia Whitman

Elysia Whitman

I am studying for the Silver Arts Award as part of my Study Programme with Derbyshire County Council.

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