New Music Friday: Featuring Ed Staal, Jerome Thomas & more

Independent artists dominate using their creative control to produce authentic music that transcends trends. Ed Staal & Dom Porter represent soulful pop with their new release ‘With You’. 

New Music Friday: Featuring Ed Staal, Jerome Thomas & more

Ed Staal & Dom Porter ‘With You’

This soulful duo have come together to drop their latest release ‘With You’. The simplistic melody and warm lyrics make for the perfect foundation, while the John Mayer-esque guitar solo completes the track. Inspirations from Mac Ayres and Tom Misch are heard throughout, with a sprinkle of ‘Get You’ by Daniel Caesar. So if this sounds like your vibe, give ‘With You’ a listen whilst looking out for their rumoured EP expected to be released this year. 

Jerome Thomas ‘That Secret Sauce EP’

If you want groove then Jerome Thomas is your guy, releasing his EP today with a total of seven tracks. ‘Sauce’ showcases Jermone’s vocal range and ability to cruise over any beat with ease and confidence. His last album ‘Mood swings' superseded expectations in 2019 and we believe that ‘That Secret Sauce’ will do the same. 

Jorja Smith ‘Home’

“Home” is the fourth single from the EP after “Gone,” “Bussdown,” and “Addicted,” which arrived ahead of the rollout. Though all four songs convey different moods, they retain the through-line of pursuing personal freedom and overwhelming desire for a stable relationship. Jorja has grown throughout the years and this project shows that she is confident enough to switch moods, genres and styles to portray the story. 

Olivia Rodrigo ‘Good 4 U’

Olivia Rodrigo’s “Good 4 U” tops the Rolling Stone Top 100 Songs Chart for a sixth straight week. She has truly reignited our love for Pop punk and soft rock whilst restating the fact you don't have to overly sexualise yourself as a female to top charts internationally. She's young, she's bold and unapologetic everything a female in 2021 should be. 

Check out the songs and let us know about your favourites in the comments below!

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